Sofia: 16 months

Friday, April 24, 2009

This monthly installment of “Sofia’s life” is coming 14 days late. Easter had eaten our lives whole and it took two weeks to kinda recover. I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

Sofia turned 16 months on Good Friday. She missed Good Friday service due to the exporting of videos which had encountered some technical difficulties. We would have left it for another time except that it was for that 3 pm performance of which a call time of 1:30 was racing up to our faces so fast we really were getting nauseous. Fortunately, we did figure it out although it cost Tyler about three hours of sleep that he could have had.

Okay, back to Sofia.

  1. She is now a stellar walker. We borrowed a little “monkey on her back” contraption that allows us to hang on to its tail while it hugs Sofia. This way, when we are in public she thinks she can run, far, far, away, until we YANK.

  2. My mother taught her this ridiculous thing of CLIMBING A STEP LADDER. Mind you, at least it’s only a two-step step ladder. But, I was already pretty livid when she taught Sofia how to climb a chair at the dining room table. I think my mother will, next, try to teach her how to chop green onions for dinner.

  3. Sofia now can say three Chinese (Hokkien) words: “Diow-loh” (finished), “Tseh-tseh” (sit), and “Kwah” (look)

  4. Sofia’s sign language is to the point where I can pretty much make out everything she wants. Most of the gestures are for: sitting (patting a chair), mum-mum (food, fingertips touching and motioning to mouth), ice cream (tongue out, fist moving up and down beside her mouth), me (pointing at herself), stinky (holding nose), nodding (for yes) and shaking her head (for no), and tons of pointing

  5. Sofia knows the following body parts in Chinese: hair, nose, mouth, eyes, hands, feet, bum.

  6. Sofia knows the following body parts in Spanish: eyes, bum (Dad, you’ve got some work to do)

  7. Sofia started doing this fakey smile one day, completely unprompted. The crazy thing is that I had the exact fakey smile when I was kid. It is SO the same, that when I had her do it for my parents, my parents fell off their chairs.

  8. Sofia is now 24 pounds.

  9. Sofia wears a size 4 shoe.

  10. Sofia’s naps are becoming a bit funny. For a long time, she has had a morning nap at 11 am, and an afternoon nap at 3 pm. Each one and half hours. Lately, we’ll lie with her for like 45 minutes in the afternoon trying to get her to nap. No nap. My mother and I started giving up. But she’s really in between stages right now. I don’t think that she is really ready for skipping a morning nap and moving into one nap a day (in the afternoon). I know this because when we go to church in the morning, as soon as she is in the car seat to go home at around 1 pm, she is OUT. The car ride is only 5 minutes.

  11. Sofia sleeps at least 11 hours a night. Sometimes 12.

  12. Sofia is eating more of our regular food now. She no longer rejects steamed rice. She may have Chinese in her after all.

  13. Sofia will run into my arms squealing to give me a hug, when I kneel down with my arms open. Pretty much my favourite development.

Of course, with every month, her personality is developing more and more. She’s a scared-y cat. For some reason, some dolls or stuffed animals really freak her out. And the laundry room at my parents’ apartment. She is aggressively friendly. She started walking towards a kid while saying and waving good-bye, when he didn’t wave back.

Pretty much every day I’ll just sit and watch her, and shake my head in disbelief that 16 months have gone by and this is now the daughter that I have. I remember when she couldn’t hold her head up by herself. I remember when we were so excited when she’d stay awake for 20 minutes straight. I remember when she’d try to suck on her fist and she’d punch herself in the eye.

I have to remember to always pay attention, ‘cause it happens all so quickly that in a blink of an eye, I’ll find her a teenager if I’m not careful.

It arrived!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back on Thursday, I got to work and found a big box waiting for me at my mail slot. I hadn't ordered anything for work so it could only mean one thing! The DSLR is back from repair! I have been taking lots of pictures since then and getting reacquainted with the oh-too-many controls on this baby. One thing that I have started to do is only shooting in RAW - as per my sister, the professional,'s recommendation. It's so true! I can do so much to it afterwards!

If you want to check out some of my updates, please visit my flickr account (just click on the image below).

An old hobby is reborn! Thanks Christine!

Sofia +CPK


Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'm always pushing spring. In past years, it's been about wearing sandals in March. Now that I'm a mom, I realize that is ridiculous. Now, I celebrate a little more sanely by taking my baby to play in the park.

I love photography and I wish I was a better photographer, and I'm looking forward to when Christine's old Canon 20D comes back from repairs. We have this share-thing, where I get to have it on loan, and she'll take it to her wedding gigs as a back up in case her main one fails. When it's back, I'm going invest in a 50mm lens, which Christine tells me, I'm gonna love.

I was excited to find out that LIFE magazine has created a website with GettyImages so that you can browse all their old photos, and see their new ones. They're allowing embedding of images, printing (of some kind) and even purchasing some.


Whoa, Easter!

I did start to write a post on March 22 to report on how awesome a visit to meet up with my high school friend and get a tour of the AGO was. But then my work-life took over again.

Easter prep is taking over my life.

See, the thing is, I work at a church, right? So, of course, I’ll be doing lots of Easter preparation. I am also a wife, right? I love to help my husband with whatever he is involved with. UNFORTUNATELY, right now, he’s heavily involved with the Easter presentation at the church that I work at. Therefore, once I stop working at my job, I am working with my husband who makes me return to my job basically. Morning ‘til night: Easter, Easter, Easter, Easter...

To be honest, I feel backed up against the wall. I care about this presentation that we’re putting on A LOT. So I want to do all that I can to make sure this thing gets pulled off right. But, I think that I’m overloaded by at least 25%. (Please do not ask how I quantified the emotional stress.)

It doesn’t need to be all that bad. I am realizing my limits - which is definitely a theme of my last year, while in maternity leave. Kathy. Just back away.