Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am very excited! Tomorrow I, and my little family will be going down to the Art Gallery of Ontario to meet up with a friend of mine from high school whom I have not seen since high school! She found me on Facebook (my primary reason for why I love Facebook so much) back in the fall and now we’re going to meet up. She currently works at the AGO and offered to give us a tour of the newly renovated building. I have not been to the art gallery in way too long!

Last week Sofia went to her, like, fourth art opening. This week, it’s the art gallery instead of her nap. I don’t think that I even went to an art gallery until I was 13! Lucky butt.

What I am up to...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I do not know where the days go. I guess it just got a whole bunch busier now that my husband is finally back at work after a medical leave of about two and half months. In case you don’t know, he was off due to a back problem that we discovered that is chronic. Since going back to work it has bugged him on and off, but for the most part, we are thankful that it is under control. The best part is that the people at work are being so understanding and helping him return to work by giving him the light duties (like cooking) just so he can be back at work. So many of his co-workers were telling him about how other co-workers are so happy for him to be back and stories of how they were sad while he was away and were so excited when they heard he was coming back. He really does have some awesome friends at work and I’m glad that the time away has caused him to see that.

I am excited. Tomorrow night, Gonzo and I have a date night! Sofia will be sleeping over and Gwa-Kong’s and Gwa-Ma’s and we’re going to go see The Watchmen! I know NOTHING about the movie, but Gonzo knows pretty much everything about it. Which is the way we like to go see the movie. Imagine my disbelief when I saw The Matrix (the first one) knowing nothing about it. I now try to see movies without knowing anything about them so I can recreate that feeling. :-)

Work is going pretty well. I am plugging along and getting some major projects done fast; like, getting a 5,000 piece maildrop, two 10,000 piece invitations, and another 21,000 piece maildrop (in Chinese!) done in a matter of three days - in amongst my regular tasks. Here is some of what I did:

Another reason why life seems to be picking up is because Easter is coming up, fast and soon. When you work at a church, Easter is the high point in the whole year. It's important to remember while I and my co-workers work at making this special time in the Christian calendar meaningful for all of those who attend, I have to remember to hang back, mentally, and not allow myself to get carried away with all of these preparation so that I lose out on the meaning for myself.

15 months

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This last couple of weeks has really been marked with development in understanding everything I say. And the best part is, everything I say in CHINESE. (But also English, lest her father be left out of the whole equation). It’s been a lot of fun to see how she is leaving baby-ness behind...although a little sad too.

  1. Sofia has finally decided that she’d join the rest of the world and try walking. She’s walking a good five to six feet now at a time. I am seeing her crawl less and less every day.

  2. This past month she hasn’t been feeling very well. Her appetite went way down - gagging at most meals, and vomiting at a good number of them. We couldn’t figure it out. We adjusted the texture of the food from chunky to all the way down to soup, trying everything in between. Nothing helped. And then on top of that, she had a touch of food poisoning last week - I woke up to find her sleeping in her barf, and in a soiled diaper. Almost nothing sadder. On Monday, though, she woke up hungry and hasn’t stopped eating since. Glad that is ALL over. When I think back, the last time she was fine was before The Ramen Incident. A long, long time ago.

  3. She can help with preparing her milk: she sits and watches me pour the milk into the bottle, I hand her the water vial to put into the bottle warmer, she takes the bottle puts it into the bottle warmer, and pushes the button.

  4. Sofia no longer throws something she doesn’t want anymore. She actually hands it to me. This brings joy to my heart.

  5. Sofia’s vocabulary now consists of, “Daddy”, “beh-beh”, and “Diow loh”. No “mommy” yet. Lots of gibberish.

  6. Sofia understands a lot more, of course, than she can say. Yesterday I gave her instructions to help me put away the groceries. I sat her on our kitchen counter, and had her help me put away the oranges into the fruit bowl. She took them one by one and put them in the bowl. The funny thing is that when there wasn’t any more room to be at the bottom of the bowl, it stressed her out for her to stack them on top of the other ones.

  7. Sofia clasps her hands to ask me to pray before every meal.

  8. When she happy, she kisses us a lot. And also when she’s going down to sleep.

Because of the food bit, this month has been stressful. But the developments over this last week has completely overshadowed it. Her personality is totally shining now and it’s fascinating to watch all this happen inside that head of hers. Now, what I am really looking forward to is not having to carry around a 23 pound (and increasing!) kid anymore!