Visiting Maximillian Matthew Miller

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Toronto Jimenez traveled out to Oshawa today to meet Maximillian! He is our newest addition to the family. He was born yesterday, and weighed in at 10.5 pounds! I was so excited to meet him.

Holding a newborn... Picking him up, all the feelings came back again: the preciousness, the awareness that these early moments fade quickly, the marvel of life. Gives me goosebumps! The cool thing is that this time around I was, of course, less apprehensive of holding the baby – no fear that I was going to “break” him. I remember the first time I held Elizabeth, the first newborn I had ever held; and she was only like half an hour old! I was so afraid of dropping her, holding her too tight, holding her too loose, watching the position of her head... This time, I am seasoned. I AM A MOTHER. I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS.

I am looking forward to seeing how Elizabeth does as a big sister (I really have very little doubt she is going to an amazing big sister, but children are children and it will take getting used to when the novelty wears off). I am looking forward to seeing Sofia as no longer the littlest cousin. Maybe she will poke at his eyes too. (Elizabeth did that to her the first few times she saw her).

These are very awesome days. The days where the family grows, and the families are still young. We have to learn so much as the kids learn, but it’s such a gift that we are all so close in proximity–which, then, is my hope that we continue to grow closer in our relationship to one another. These events certainly help that to happen.

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