The Ultimate Milestone

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ultimate milestone happened today!

I was at home working, and Gonzo is still home due to back problems, so everyone was home to witness it. Gonz was lying on the floor playing with Sofia. Sofia was sitting on her little toy car. Gonz calls Sofia to come to him for something. She stands up and walks over. WALKS OVER! Fortunately Gonz called me in time for me to turn around and see her do it. That was in the early afternoon. We couldn’t get her to do it again.

We went over to my parents’ for dinner, and I set Sofia down in the doorway. My mother calls her, and Sofia takes about four steps and goes to her! My parents were so excited. Then she did it a whole bunch more times.

It was so nice. These achievements are like big celebrations for us. It’s funny, ‘cause the way she walks is exactly how I imagined she would look like: like every other toddler. Arms in the air, legs clumsily being thrown forward, one after the other, eyes focused in a spot somewhere “in front”. Yay! Sofia!

We managed to capture it on video. Enjoy!


  1. Yaaaaaaay!
    So exciting!!!
    I'm watching Sofia grow up on Blogger - teehee!

  2. why does she look so stressed when she's trying to walk???
    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! i need to see her . . .


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