Scare of my life

Monday, February 16, 2009

With my cousins last night, we went out to Asian Legend for dinner. It’s always a mystery as to what we’re gonna feed Sofia at restaurants. Usually it’s some kind of soup, or congee. Unfortunately the only appropriate soup to choose for Sofia had crab in it, so that wasn’t going to work. We found a noodle in some broth with slow cooked chicken and figured that would probably be okay.

My mother always feeds Sofia if she is with her. She almost won’t let me. She looooooooves to feed Sofia. The problem is that she is so busy doting on her that she hardly eats herself. So, mid-way through dinner I ask my mother how much did she eat she showed me that she had fed her one small bowl of the noodles. At home she eats out of a much larger bowl. I switch seats with Christine and begin to feed her more. Only half way through this supposed second bowl, Sofia starts to gag and then proceeds to throw up. Okay, this is nothing new. She now does this from time to time. BUT this time, it’s not stopping. She throws up. Gags. Throws up some more. And then throws up some more.

At this point, I am freaking out ‘cause there are billion noodles coming out, in a huge solid tube. The panic that is now in Sofia’s eyes is making me panic. Fortunately, Matt, Mr. CPR, is there and reassures us that she is fine, and just to let her do her thing.

Finally, she stops. I am convinced that there was more than just one bowl of noodles in there. But then again, these were those kind of noodles that expand as they sit in the broth. Expand and expand and expand.

I was never more afraid of losing Sofia in my life. Even if it was for a split second that something I never want to experience again... although I am almost positive that there will be more moments like this.

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