Missing Husbands

Friday, February 27, 2009

All week long my husband has been busy with the Easter presentation for our church. They’re working on something pretty big this year and so it’s pretty exciting, but also stressful. Further, my husband dragged another woman’s husband into this whole ordeal. He planned with my husband, and built two of the Easter sets ... and will be building a few more. My husband is very excited about having these sets. The other husband is likely very tired.

The wife of the husband that my husband recruited has been hanging out with me all week. Tonight we treated ourselves to a dinner out with the babies. Sofia ate some crayons, Marcus threw a few hundred cheerios to the ground. It was a lovely night.

Now, we’re just waiting for them to come home. So, we’re online shopping on Etsy.

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  1. I love shopping on Etsy :) Amy Lee just opened up a store! It's called Cunning & Crafty. Really cute hand sewn magnets and pins!

    And it was so awesome to bump into you last night! I thought that was the cutest thing ever, you two mommies chillin' with your babies at the restaurant :)


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