Family Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My cousins from the States are arriving tomorrow and staying until Tuesday. Since we usually visit my in-laws once a week and that day is usually Sunday, we had to adjust our schedule a little. The adjustment made our visit land on today–Valentine’s Day.

My husband doesn’t care much for Valentine’s Day, so therefore I guess I don’t either. (If you know anything about how my sisters and I were raised, we didn’t really celebrate anything that someone else didn’t “make” us celebrate. And no, we are not Jehovah’s Witnesses). And my point about that is that we didn’t have anything planned for ourselves, so it’s not like we were interrupting anything.

BUT we couldn’t have possibly had better plans. We got to see Max again. Only the second time since he was born. But I felt like he was born like three weeks ago. I was corrected today he will only be two weeks on Tuesday! I really thought it was longer. Anyway, I was excited to see him and was glad that not that much time had passed by. He’s doing really well, and I am so happy to hear that Maria is having a nice and easy time with him. Elizabeth was a really difficult baby and so I am particularly glad to hear that she is able to enjoy this time around.

We had once (chilean tea time), and then basically watched Sofia and Elizabeth chase each other around, play and squeal for about three hours. A particular highlight was watching Elizabeth and Sofia hang around Max, the newcomer. I think that moments like these must be particularly satisfying for Juan and Blanca, the grandparents, who, after years of hard work, being immigrants, not once but twice in their lives (first to Sweden, then to Canada), raising children in the absence of all of their family, to see their family grow, healthy, happy and well. Probably beyond words, really.

It was just one of those times that as we made the weekly drive home from Oshawa we said to each other that it was good to be together.

Here’s a little snippet of our being together: Elizabeth doting on Max. Sofia being a ham. Max busy wondering how he will survive.

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  1. i think sofia is even crazier when with elizabeth . . .
    that face for the screen shot kills me.
    and i noticed that she's making way more sounds in the video . . . maybe another product of playing with someone more her age . . . ?


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