25 Random Things

Friday, February 06, 2009

I posted this note in Facebook. It’s one of those tag-you tag-me quizzy things. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff about me.

1. I wish I had eyelashes.

2. I love blogs. I currently follow 26 blogs. Design blogs. Food blogs. Personal blogs.

3. I love my apple computers. My first apple was in Grade 10: a Performa.

4.I have two sisters. In high school all my friends were boys. My parents said that I was making up for the lack of brothers.

5. With every stage in life I've gotten cheaper and cheaper. When I was in high school, I thought something on sale for $50 was a great deal. Now I won't buy myself a new pair of socks for over $3.

6. Until I learned to manage my stress better I used to have stomach aches every time after I ate. That was a horrible 6 months of my life.

7. When I was hired for my first (and only) full time job, I was completely unqualified. I had never held a video camera before or never used Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Motion/Dreamweaver before. Someone took a big, fat chance on me.

8. My biggest phobias are heights and bugs. Even typing those two things are making me cringe.

9. My family is getting more mixed. I have a Bulgarian uncle, a Chilean husband, a couple of Filipino cousins, Irish-Italian almost-brother-in-law... to mention a few.

10. I can't handle caffeine. My rule is if the sun is down, no coffee. Otherwise, I am up until 4am.

11. I work in a church and draw pictures all day long.

12. Among the strangest things I've learned to do is mime and tap dance and make my own circuit board.

13. I was born with this loud voice. My kindergarten teacher told my mother to get my ears checked - I spoke so loud she suspected I was deaf.

14. I love shoes. Maybe a little too much.

15. I love snorkeling. I have snorkeled in the Philippines, Mexico and Hawaii.

16. I think that I am scared to try scuba diving. It's the opposite of heights.

17. Sloppy work makes me angry.

18. I had braces for less than one year although I had horrendous teeth. That would be because I would triple my elastics to make it go faster.

19. One of the things I am most proud of in life: I gave birth without an epidural.

20. I think my favourite colour is green. That changes from time to time.

21. The first newborn I ever held was my own.

22. I have lived in the same square kilometer in my entire life.

23. I play the piano. I play the voice. I kinda play the violin.

24. I learned to type as an early teenager hanging out in chatrooms.

25. My husband thinks I am very, very mean.

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