14 months

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sofia turned 14 months today.

A couple of days ago Sofia started standing hands-free! Gonzalo and I were having lunch and saw her standing in the kitchen, watching her reflection in the toaster and making faces. She stood there for at least 15 seconds. OH MY GOODNESS... we were so excited. But yes, I already blogged about this already.

Sofia is starting the sounds of singing. She will repeat after me when I say “La, la, lahhhh.” She’ll copy the rhythm, and a little bit of the inflection.

She is gagging a lot lately during meal times. I am not quite sure what that is all about. My mother thinks it’s another skill that she has learned (probably from her De-Ee), and she’s just using it. She is even throwing up sometimes. When in her first entire year she threw up maybe two times. Exactly twice.

Sofia is starting to realize what it means to be in trouble, and what that means to feel badly. When she realizes that she is in trouble, she’ll instantly want a hug. Over and over again. Or, she’ll throw a flying kiss at you to divert the discipline.

She’s showing me that she has that memory that all kids have. In the parking garage I told Sofia that when we got upstairs I’d brush her teeth. She loooooves having her teeth brushed. We got upstairs, and I changed her into her pajamas, washed her face and hands, and went to prepare her milk. She reminded me (with sign language) to brush her teeth.

Sofia is a cautious girl. Not quite scaredy, but definitely cautious. When we gets down from a chair or our bed or something, she’ll stretch her foot down to see if she can feel the floor. If she can’t, she’ll crawl all the way back up and then try again. She gets really frustrated if she can’t feel the floor first before climbing all the way down.

She climbs down stairs now. (Crawling).

She drinks 22 ounces of organic milk. Organic milk is $8.77 for a 4 litre bag. That stuff is expensive. I am not sold on all things organic, but for Sofia, organic milk seems like a necessity right now for her stage in life.

Sofia says, “Mmmmmm...” at the sight of food. All food.

She loves croutons. Scratchy, scratchy croutons.

When she really wants to go fast, she tucks her head down when she is crawling. It’s like she’s working on being more aerodynamic.

She weighs 23 pounds now.

I can set a bowl of food down on her high chair tray now and she won’t totally flip it over.

What is interesting about her development now is that whereas most of her development previously was motor, now it’s cognitive. So, while there isn’t much to observe from week to week, you can see, slowly, all these little subtle things turning on in her brain. Like, her imagination firing up. Now, that is really exciting stuff.

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