Missing Husbands

Friday, February 27, 2009

All week long my husband has been busy with the Easter presentation for our church. They’re working on something pretty big this year and so it’s pretty exciting, but also stressful. Further, my husband dragged another woman’s husband into this whole ordeal. He planned with my husband, and built two of the Easter sets ... and will be building a few more. My husband is very excited about having these sets. The other husband is likely very tired.

The wife of the husband that my husband recruited has been hanging out with me all week. Tonight we treated ourselves to a dinner out with the babies. Sofia ate some crayons, Marcus threw a few hundred cheerios to the ground. It was a lovely night.

Now, we’re just waiting for them to come home. So, we’re online shopping on Etsy.

The Ultimate Milestone

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ultimate milestone happened today!

I was at home working, and Gonzo is still home due to back problems, so everyone was home to witness it. Gonz was lying on the floor playing with Sofia. Sofia was sitting on her little toy car. Gonz calls Sofia to come to him for something. She stands up and walks over. WALKS OVER! Fortunately Gonz called me in time for me to turn around and see her do it. That was in the early afternoon. We couldn’t get her to do it again.

We went over to my parents’ for dinner, and I set Sofia down in the doorway. My mother calls her, and Sofia takes about four steps and goes to her! My parents were so excited. Then she did it a whole bunch more times.

It was so nice. These achievements are like big celebrations for us. It’s funny, ‘cause the way she walks is exactly how I imagined she would look like: like every other toddler. Arms in the air, legs clumsily being thrown forward, one after the other, eyes focused in a spot somewhere “in front”. Yay! Sofia!

We managed to capture it on video. Enjoy!

Scare of my life

Monday, February 16, 2009

With my cousins last night, we went out to Asian Legend for dinner. It’s always a mystery as to what we’re gonna feed Sofia at restaurants. Usually it’s some kind of soup, or congee. Unfortunately the only appropriate soup to choose for Sofia had crab in it, so that wasn’t going to work. We found a noodle in some broth with slow cooked chicken and figured that would probably be okay.

My mother always feeds Sofia if she is with her. She almost won’t let me. She looooooooves to feed Sofia. The problem is that she is so busy doting on her that she hardly eats herself. So, mid-way through dinner I ask my mother how much did she eat she showed me that she had fed her one small bowl of the noodles. At home she eats out of a much larger bowl. I switch seats with Christine and begin to feed her more. Only half way through this supposed second bowl, Sofia starts to gag and then proceeds to throw up. Okay, this is nothing new. She now does this from time to time. BUT this time, it’s not stopping. She throws up. Gags. Throws up some more. And then throws up some more.

At this point, I am freaking out ‘cause there are billion noodles coming out, in a huge solid tube. The panic that is now in Sofia’s eyes is making me panic. Fortunately, Matt, Mr. CPR, is there and reassures us that she is fine, and just to let her do her thing.

Finally, she stops. I am convinced that there was more than just one bowl of noodles in there. But then again, these were those kind of noodles that expand as they sit in the broth. Expand and expand and expand.

I was never more afraid of losing Sofia in my life. Even if it was for a split second that something I never want to experience again... although I am almost positive that there will be more moments like this.

My Quotes Page

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have been talking about reviving my quotes page that I started back in like 2002 or something. Just random quotes that I hear hanging with friends and family. I think that I might have lost my original ones... or they are archived on a hard drive somewhere. I will dig them up sometime.

Well, just thought that I’d remind you that they exist, and that I’ve added a couple more today.

Family Valentine's Day

My cousins from the States are arriving tomorrow and staying until Tuesday. Since we usually visit my in-laws once a week and that day is usually Sunday, we had to adjust our schedule a little. The adjustment made our visit land on today–Valentine’s Day.

My husband doesn’t care much for Valentine’s Day, so therefore I guess I don’t either. (If you know anything about how my sisters and I were raised, we didn’t really celebrate anything that someone else didn’t “make” us celebrate. And no, we are not Jehovah’s Witnesses). And my point about that is that we didn’t have anything planned for ourselves, so it’s not like we were interrupting anything.

BUT we couldn’t have possibly had better plans. We got to see Max again. Only the second time since he was born. But I felt like he was born like three weeks ago. I was corrected today he will only be two weeks on Tuesday! I really thought it was longer. Anyway, I was excited to see him and was glad that not that much time had passed by. He’s doing really well, and I am so happy to hear that Maria is having a nice and easy time with him. Elizabeth was a really difficult baby and so I am particularly glad to hear that she is able to enjoy this time around.

We had once (chilean tea time), and then basically watched Sofia and Elizabeth chase each other around, play and squeal for about three hours. A particular highlight was watching Elizabeth and Sofia hang around Max, the newcomer. I think that moments like these must be particularly satisfying for Juan and Blanca, the grandparents, who, after years of hard work, being immigrants, not once but twice in their lives (first to Sweden, then to Canada), raising children in the absence of all of their family, to see their family grow, healthy, happy and well. Probably beyond words, really.

It was just one of those times that as we made the weekly drive home from Oshawa we said to each other that it was good to be together.

Here’s a little snippet of our being together: Elizabeth doting on Max. Sofia being a ham. Max busy wondering how he will survive.

14 months

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sofia turned 14 months today.

A couple of days ago Sofia started standing hands-free! Gonzalo and I were having lunch and saw her standing in the kitchen, watching her reflection in the toaster and making faces. She stood there for at least 15 seconds. OH MY GOODNESS... we were so excited. But yes, I already blogged about this already.

Sofia is starting the sounds of singing. She will repeat after me when I say “La, la, lahhhh.” She’ll copy the rhythm, and a little bit of the inflection.

She is gagging a lot lately during meal times. I am not quite sure what that is all about. My mother thinks it’s another skill that she has learned (probably from her De-Ee), and she’s just using it. She is even throwing up sometimes. When in her first entire year she threw up maybe two times. Exactly twice.

Sofia is starting to realize what it means to be in trouble, and what that means to feel badly. When she realizes that she is in trouble, she’ll instantly want a hug. Over and over again. Or, she’ll throw a flying kiss at you to divert the discipline.

She’s showing me that she has that memory that all kids have. In the parking garage I told Sofia that when we got upstairs I’d brush her teeth. She loooooves having her teeth brushed. We got upstairs, and I changed her into her pajamas, washed her face and hands, and went to prepare her milk. She reminded me (with sign language) to brush her teeth.

Sofia is a cautious girl. Not quite scaredy, but definitely cautious. When we gets down from a chair or our bed or something, she’ll stretch her foot down to see if she can feel the floor. If she can’t, she’ll crawl all the way back up and then try again. She gets really frustrated if she can’t feel the floor first before climbing all the way down.

She climbs down stairs now. (Crawling).

She drinks 22 ounces of organic milk. Organic milk is $8.77 for a 4 litre bag. That stuff is expensive. I am not sold on all things organic, but for Sofia, organic milk seems like a necessity right now for her stage in life.

Sofia says, “Mmmmmm...” at the sight of food. All food.

She loves croutons. Scratchy, scratchy croutons.

When she really wants to go fast, she tucks her head down when she is crawling. It’s like she’s working on being more aerodynamic.

She weighs 23 pounds now.

I can set a bowl of food down on her high chair tray now and she won’t totally flip it over.

What is interesting about her development now is that whereas most of her development previously was motor, now it’s cognitive. So, while there isn’t much to observe from week to week, you can see, slowly, all these little subtle things turning on in her brain. Like, her imagination firing up. Now, that is really exciting stuff.

25 Random Things

Friday, February 06, 2009

I posted this note in Facebook. It’s one of those tag-you tag-me quizzy things. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff about me.

1. I wish I had eyelashes.

2. I love blogs. I currently follow 26 blogs. Design blogs. Food blogs. Personal blogs.

3. I love my apple computers. My first apple was in Grade 10: a Performa.

4.I have two sisters. In high school all my friends were boys. My parents said that I was making up for the lack of brothers.

5. With every stage in life I've gotten cheaper and cheaper. When I was in high school, I thought something on sale for $50 was a great deal. Now I won't buy myself a new pair of socks for over $3.

6. Until I learned to manage my stress better I used to have stomach aches every time after I ate. That was a horrible 6 months of my life.

7. When I was hired for my first (and only) full time job, I was completely unqualified. I had never held a video camera before or never used Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Motion/Dreamweaver before. Someone took a big, fat chance on me.

8. My biggest phobias are heights and bugs. Even typing those two things are making me cringe.

9. My family is getting more mixed. I have a Bulgarian uncle, a Chilean husband, a couple of Filipino cousins, Irish-Italian almost-brother-in-law... to mention a few.

10. I can't handle caffeine. My rule is if the sun is down, no coffee. Otherwise, I am up until 4am.

11. I work in a church and draw pictures all day long.

12. Among the strangest things I've learned to do is mime and tap dance and make my own circuit board.

13. I was born with this loud voice. My kindergarten teacher told my mother to get my ears checked - I spoke so loud she suspected I was deaf.

14. I love shoes. Maybe a little too much.

15. I love snorkeling. I have snorkeled in the Philippines, Mexico and Hawaii.

16. I think that I am scared to try scuba diving. It's the opposite of heights.

17. Sloppy work makes me angry.

18. I had braces for less than one year although I had horrendous teeth. That would be because I would triple my elastics to make it go faster.

19. One of the things I am most proud of in life: I gave birth without an epidural.

20. I think my favourite colour is green. That changes from time to time.

21. The first newborn I ever held was my own.

22. I have lived in the same square kilometer in my entire life.

23. I play the piano. I play the voice. I kinda play the violin.

24. I learned to type as an early teenager hanging out in chatrooms.

25. My husband thinks I am very, very mean.

A significant milestone

With Sofia, there have been a few things that I have been looking forward to her being able to do since she was born. One would be playing with her feet, and another would be her saying “Mommy” or “Daddy”. She hit another one of those again today: Sofia is now able to stand on her own.

Gonzo and I were sitting having lunch. Sofia had already had her lunch so she was down on the floor playing on her own. She was in the kitchen standing in front of the toaster, looking at her own reflection and there, I caught her standing on her own! And she just kept standing! She was looking down at her sweater, and had both hands busy picking at the buttons. I whispered to Gonzo, “Look! Look!” We were trying to not attract any of her attention to see how long she would stand there for. She probably stood for something like 15 to 20 seconds.

I tried to take a picture, but didn’t work out. However, she probably stood something like four times today, so I am sure I will be able to catch it in the near future.


Four blooms

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I am obviously enjoying this a whole lot.

24 hours later

After coming home from visiting Max, I found two blooms waiting for me already!

Visiting Maximillian Matthew Miller

The Toronto Jimenez traveled out to Oshawa today to meet Maximillian! He is our newest addition to the family. He was born yesterday, and weighed in at 10.5 pounds! I was so excited to meet him.

Holding a newborn... Picking him up, all the feelings came back again: the preciousness, the awareness that these early moments fade quickly, the marvel of life. Gives me goosebumps! The cool thing is that this time around I was, of course, less apprehensive of holding the baby – no fear that I was going to “break” him. I remember the first time I held Elizabeth, the first newborn I had ever held; and she was only like half an hour old! I was so afraid of dropping her, holding her too tight, holding her too loose, watching the position of her head... This time, I am seasoned. I AM A MOTHER. I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS.

I am looking forward to seeing how Elizabeth does as a big sister (I really have very little doubt she is going to an amazing big sister, but children are children and it will take getting used to when the novelty wears off). I am looking forward to seeing Sofia as no longer the littlest cousin. Maybe she will poke at his eyes too. (Elizabeth did that to her the first few times she saw her).

These are very awesome days. The days where the family grows, and the families are still young. We have to learn so much as the kids learn, but it’s such a gift that we are all so close in proximity–which, then, is my hope that we continue to grow closer in our relationship to one another. These events certainly help that to happen.

If you are one of my friends on FB, you can view my photos here.

Already blooming!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

At breakfast there was nothing. An hour later, here it is! Peeking out!

Snow, snow, go away

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Each winter there is a point where you throw your hands up and say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” The way I have expressed it this year is buying daffodils. The hope of spring sitting on my dining room table. Can’t wait to see those yellow petals.

New Family Member!

Today, at 8:30 am, Maxmillian Miller was born to Maria Paz and Matthew Miller, and sister Elizabeth. He’s a big boy, weighing in at 10.5 pounds. Cousin Sofia, Tia Kathy and Tio Gonzalo will be visiting this new family member tomorrow.

Can’t wait! Pictures to come.

My husband bakes!

Monday, February 02, 2009

My husband has learned to bake. As I posted some photos to Facebook I realized that he has mastered a few tasty things! Click here to see my Facebook album.

Can't Break a Promise

I’ll admit, over the last couple of weeks I haven't been doing too well with waking early. I was waking at 7:30 am, which is definitely early for my “old” life, but certainly not early enough for my “new” life. I was back to revving myself up to wake early as I went to sleep, only to wake up rationalizing why I could snooze my alarm for the fifth time in a row.

Last night, I started talking myself into waking early again. But I knew I had to change it up to actually make it happen. I took a big sticky note and wrote the following:

I’m not really into breaking my word, so I basically muscled myself into waking early. I am just not rational during the space between being horizontal and to the end of the three foot path that is my alarm clock. The bright sticky note covered my snooze button at the bottom of the alarm clock, so I definitely couldn’t miss it.

Hopefully it works tomorrow.
Hopefully my morning-person doesn’t demand a new sticky note.

Enough Fiddling

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Well, it only took me something like three hours to tweak this downloaded template. I am obviously NOT a programmer.

Hope you like the new layout.
If not, too bad. :-|