A Working Mom

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I have now officially worked one week as a working mother. I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I know that this is because it’s an adjustment.

Some things that I have really enjoyed:

  1. Today, in the morning, I worked at home and then in the afternoon, we went to visit Gonzo’s parents, and I worked from there. And was still seriously productive. So, loving the mobility.

  2. Having that feeling of getting stuff done. Tasks. Done. Check. Awesome.

  3. Hearing over and over again, “Glad to have you back.” Who wouldn’t like that?!

  4. Being creative. Sure, I can do that at home, but I certainly don’t carve out the time to be creative like I have to be when I’m at work.

Some things that I have found a challenge:

  1. Staying on top of keeping a clean home. But that is always a challenge.

  2. Making sure we have something to eat at every meal, at home. Not eating out.

  3. Keeping my temper in check. When I am stressed I am also angry. Which is different than my dad: when he gets scared, he’s mad. Weird.

  4. My computer: it keeps crashing. Oh gosh, I know - a mac! Crashing! I’m not quite sure what is going on with it - when I use Motion, it crashes. Anyway, I have an appointment with a Genius on Wednesday to see what is up with it.

  5. My computer and the network at work. It’s not hooking up where as I had NO problem with my previous computers.

I know that the balance to strike between work and home is going to be something that I am always going to have to practice at. It’s an art, for sure. One thing that I’m trying to work out is all the ways I can save time and that is low-stress. Like:

  • Slow cooking. Looking for awesome recipes that are healthy and that can cook while I am away at work. It’s like a chef was working all day at home so I have a hot cooked meal when I walk in the door.

  • Going grocery shopping during non-busy times in the week. Sunday morning is a great time. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get some good shopping done, and done fast. And then I’m prepared for the week.

  • One week down. I haven’t cried yet, so this is going pretty good.


    1. I love that you blog about these things, so real and helpful. Whenever I'm at that stage in my life, I'm TOTALLY going back to read all these blogs.

    2. YOU ... angry??? That's unthinkable!

      Hope your MAC gets better.

    3. OK so you have not cried yet? you should have put that at the head of the post.
      You are doing great!


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