Sunday, January 04, 2009

This has only happened to me twice.

Each week, I must do a PowerPoint presentation for the weekend’s message. This was a very weird week: a work week chopped in half with a New Year’s Day holiday, AND it was my first week back at work. So, needless to say, I definitely wasn’t feeling like I was in a good work-rhythm.

I arrived at Saturday Night Gathering tonight to rehearse with the band, and Matt asks, “Hey, did Jan get a hold of you? They’re looking for the PowerPoint.” I’m thinking, shoot, did I even do it? Yes, yes, I did. Uh, I think that I even checked the sent file folder to make sure that it went through. I went online to check my sent folder again so that I could pull the file off of there, but no, the email was no where to be found.

I had to rush home and get the file. I had done it on my computer at home so it’s not like my dad (who was watching Sofia) could bring my computer when he came to church with her. I get home in record time (read: I was speeding), and I sat down at my computer only to remember that I had just deleted all my files for work off of my home computer this afternoon when Gonz complained that there wasn’t enough room on the external hard drive for him to load some video clips. I had moved my computer files on my work laptop earlier that week, BUT before I had created the PowerPoint file for the weekend.

My stomach sank.

Well, what could I do? Not much. So I promptly called Jan and she made one up in like thirty minutes so we’d have something for tonight.

I just finished the re-do of it. Sucks having to do a job twice.


  1. Oh no! That's so poopy!
    Way to go though. I applaud you for your speeding efforts - both driving and designing!

  2. I was pleased to subsequently discover (via 'twitter') that you found the file. :-)

    Kathy rules! Period. (In this case - 'exclamation mark'!) What else can I say??


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