Lost and Found

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last night we went out to my in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. My husband had made a cake and we were lugging down a cooler with ice cream and plus all of the baby stuff, we had to use our “granny cart” to bring down all of this stuff (including the baby).

The red shopping cart that we have is one that my parents gave us when we first got married. My mother had gotten it from another woman from their building who wasn’t using it anymore. There was one screw that was missing, and when I told my dad that I could really use it, he went and fixed it with this ridiculously long screw, fastened it with a nut, and then bent the screw down so it looked like it was saying, “Take a right turn here.”

This sentimental cart wasn’t there anymore when we came home from our visit. We probably leave it in our parking spot at least once a week and have never had a problem before. Probably my fault for being a little too trusting.

I was sad about my missing cart and thinking about how our life is going to be a lot more inconvenient because I now am without my cart. Sure, it’s just a cart, but we use it a lot and with my husband’s bad back, that means I will have to carry even more stuff (including the baby).

I decided to fight this problem with a little bit of graphic design.

I woke this morning, threw a little poster together in ten minutes and at 9:08 posted it downstairs at the elevators in the basement level and posted one also in the laundry room (where I suspect someone would even try to use my cart), then started hoping.

I went to pick up my glasses that were in for repair, at around 10:30. Picked up my glasses - look good as new! and then headed home. As you probably guessed, this story has a happy ending: 11:15 my cart was sitting back at our parking spot. Something ACTUALLY got returned to me when I asked for it back. That is a crazy happy feeling. My face wouldn’t stop smiling.


  1. i must admit i love a happy ending...

    who knew that we graphic designers coudl wield such a powerful fource!?

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  3. My eyes are glad that your face is happy.

    Edit: That last post was grammatically incorrect.

  4. MY last post, not süz's.

    Here's to an over-inflated comment count!

  5. just saw the terribly pathetic spelling in my post... trying to type without thumbs is NOT a good thing.

  6. the story is good.. and the comments are almost gooder!


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