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Sunday, January 25, 2009

In my new working-mom weekly routine, I run out and prepare for the week by planning our menu and going grocery shopping on Sunday morning. This morning was going well, the stores weren’t busy, and I was just about to head on down to bank to get my card replaced. However, I forgot to buy my husband’s cereal at my first supermarket so I headed back. There was a car parked in my usual spot, but the spot in front of it was free so I backed into it... and backed right into the concrete base of the light post. I was relieved when I figured out that I didn’t hit the car behind me, and went into the store deciding to check on the damage later. With the speed that I was going I couldn’t have done more than dented the bumper.

Yup, you read that I was horribly wrong.

I come back out and check on the bumper - there is hole punched into it and the whole right side is cracked. It shattered like it was a clay pot. Seriously. I think because it was super cold outside this morning. Maybe that had impact on how shatter-able it was. RIDICULOUS.

My spirit sank some more. But I feel better now. I went to church tonight where we had “Cathedral” - our worship night. I’m not really a big worship concert kind of gal, but there was a lot of sincere worship going up and I felt my mood lift too. It’s great to be reminded to keep my eyes off myself and my situation and focus on the big God that holds all of my life in His hands.

On another note - so the compromise on the debit card back on Friday was wider spread than I imagined. I was chatting with the lady who was helping me out at the bank, and she had $1,000 taken, and also her co-worker. She said a lot of the employees also had their cards compromised, and that every other person that came into the bank was asking for a replacement card. Crazy. Well, somehow that makes me feel better.

Well, on to this week! Please pray that my husband’s back gets better. I feel badly for him.

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  1. Wow I cant believe the bumper just cracked apart, most of the bumpers would just dent in and pop back into shape could have been the wrong angle+the cold combo.

    Bank Card compromised - I had that happen to me, Im surprised so many ppl had their accounts compromised.

    Ill be praying for Gonzos back to get better!


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