13 Months

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sofia just went to her one-year check-up. She got her measles-mumps-rubella shot today. Dr. Chin said that she took it very well. Regarding her reaction, he was almost like, “That’s it?!” Yup, that’s my tough girl.

So, apparently, even with all the food that we give this girl, her weight percentile is dropping. She’s following the curve well for her height and her head circumference (Dr. Chin, “Oh, Dr. Chin measured your head wrong... uh no, Sofia, you just have a big, big head.”), but her weight has dropped to the 50th percentile. I fed her so much dinner tonight, you should have seen how big her tummy got. She kept opening her mouth though.

What’s up with her now?

  1. Kissing. Sofia used to run away from kisses, now she’s doling them out like she’s a bankrupt store having a closing sale. The great thing is that she has learned now to close her mouth. The funny thing is that it comes with sound effects: “Muahhhhhhh!”

  2. Mobility. Sofia is still reluctant to stand without support, and therefore to make any attempts at walking. She’s cruising like crazy, crawling at warp speed and has learned to ride her little plastic car. Doctor says she’s fine babies these days tend to walk between 13 and 15 months. We’ll see...

  3. Words. In the race to see which parent Sofia would call out to first, Sofia has learned to say “Dah-ddy” over the last couple of days. It actually makes me happy that she said Daddy first... it’s a nice encouragement while he’s here at home off of work with his back problem. Sofia still says “beh-bie” to everything, which I have figured out is that she is expressing what she wants. It’s like, “Baby wants to go over there” or “Baby wants to eat that.” “Beh-bie” is Sofia. She has started to say “Hi”. These are coming along slowly. She expresses a lot in other ways - the made up sign language is working for her. Like dropping her mouth wide open and then saying, “Mmmmmmm....” when she wants to eat something.

  4. Comprehension. She understands a lot. It really surprises me because it’s hard to know that she understands me when she says so little. She can look for her bellybutton when I say, “Where is your bellybutton?” She looks in Daddy’s direction when I say, “Where is Daddy?” Points to her mouth when I say, “How do you brush your teeth?” So fun!

  5. Food. Everything. Minus peanut butter and other peanut products. I have even started giving her dessert whenever we eat dessert (just a little) because I don’t want to end up with a kid that eats sugar in secret because we held out on her. My parents never had much junk in the house, but when there was junk, we were allowed to have some. Now, a bag of chips, or a package of cookies will go stale on our shelves. Just doesn’t have that hold on us.

  6. Fine motor skills. Sofia might not be walking, but she’s really good with her hands. She’s learning to open packaging. The other day she got into the diaper bag and found the Penaten. A few minutes later, Gonzo found her with Penaten all over her face and hands. Sometimes I even have trouble opening that tiny metal case.

Next month, Sofia will have another cousin. She won’t be the youngest anymore. It’ll be fun to see how Sofia treats the next little one. Sofia will be younger than Elizabeth when Sofia was born, but only by a few months. She really likes playing with Marcus (even when Marcus doesn’t want to play - he’s a four and half month old of some friends of ours).

I am so excited about Sofia’s new cousin. Some people like their family small. Give ‘em to me big!


  1. i want to hear her talk more!!!

  2. Anonymous17/1/09 23:52

    awww the Muah! type kisses must be so cute. but i bet you miss the slobbery ones too. I used to take baby measurements when I worked for my doctor. Honestly a couples' concern for their child is moving! can she give a hi-five? that'd go awesome with her Hi! still, so cute


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