Sofia is 1

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

366 yesterdays came Sofia. 16 days earlier than her due date. 8:08 in the morning on Monday, December 10, weighing in at 7 pounds and 7 ounces, and was 51 cm. I didn't know anything about her except that she sure liked to kick a lot.

Today, Sofia turns one. She is now 22 pounds, 80 cm.

Has five teeth. Two in the bottom. Three at the top with a fourth one showing up on the other side.

She is a great crawler. Pulls herself up to standing. Walks using furniture to support herself. Can climb down from couches, etc.

Loves to eat - especially whatever you're eating. Potato. Pear. Clementine. Tortellini. Banana. Raspberries. Blueberries. Yogurt. Oatmeal. Tofu. Salmon. Bread. Ground beef. Dumplings. Black cod in a miso glaze. But... not rice.

Feeds herself well. I have read in some places that this isn't supposed to be "allowed", but I've been letting her feed herself Cheerios for months. Never a problem, aside from a Hansel-and-Gretel-find-me-trail in the mall sometimes. Today I tried giving her an entire slice of pear to feed herself. She stuffed her entire mouth with it and managed to swallow it eventually without gagging. I am not sure that Christine can even do that.

Loves to escape whatever you've used to try to barricade her in. Now add pulling herself over objects (like a coffee table or turned over chair) to her bag of escape tricks.

Loves music, loves to dance.

Had her ears pierced at six months.

Can use sign language (her own made up) to ask for music to be played on the computer, ask to be tickled, throw her hands up to indicate "hooray!", close/open/clap her hands on command, indicate that she would like to wash her hands (usually at the sight of a sink), point to where she wants to go when carried, throw a flying kiss...

She can hug you and kiss you on command. But, also when she wants to.

Loves the computer. With just the keyboard, she's managed to hit special combinations that have imported entire random folders of images into my iPhoto, and today, freeze the computer.

Pretends to answer the phone, but when someone actually talks to her on the other end, it really freaks her out and she wants to see the origin of the sound.

First words were "bear" and "beh-beh". "Bear" was used for any kind of animal. "Beh-beh" these days are for anything she decides she'd like to point at. Other than that, she rambles long sentences of random syllables.

Has a "monster" voice. It's low. It's raspy. She pulls out once in a while. Last week, she added a monster-voice laugh.

She is scared easily. Loud and unexpected noises, especially. Also, a finger puppet that she wasn't expecting at the end of a storybook freaked her right out. Anytime I showed her the book over the course of the next three days, she'd climb up onto someone for refuge.

Although she does wake at least once in the course of the evening, Sofia sleeps 12 hours at this point in her life. This is in addition to usually two crappy naps during the day. 1 hour in the morning, and 1 hour in the afternoon... if she feels like it.

Used a chupete ("binky". "dummy". "pacifier".) for 11 months of her life. The Monday after we got back from Mexico, I threw it away. I have to lie down with her until she falls asleep now, but at least she won't be that girl I see at the mall who is four and is still using one.

Loves to say hi to random strangers. Is somewhat disappointed if she can't get their attention.

Loves to grab noses. Be careful. She isn't gentle. Still working on that one.

Has a mongolian mark that resembles a HUGE bruise on her butt, that she was born with. Still hasn't faded.

She had her hair cut (just her bangs) for the first time on Sunday night. Now she doesn't look like she needs a bath all the time. Stringy long bangs makes a baby look dirty.

Can look at a book on her own for 10 minutes sometimes.

She is very nosy. Has to see what you're up to.

She is very, very happy in the morning.

I've had a year with her and this is what I know so far. The cool thing is that she's also finding out who she is, herself; of what she is capable; what she likes, dislikes and loves. I certainly have had my share of challenges this year (particularly in balancing other things that I am involved in with my family life) but for the most part it has been, above all, fun. Sofia makes me laugh so much, especially lately - with her funny faces, and her attempts at tickling me.

Later today, we have a big family gathering at Abuelos' and we're gonna celebrate the year we've had with her and the years we have to come. I like it when all of the family can come together and it's crazy how both our family's DNA all converges in this little girl. I look at my mother-in-law and think, Sofia shares my DNA and also shares hers. I like the thought that our lives, even physically, is woven into each other.

Sofia has taught me so much in such little time that I don't think I could have learned any other way. Probably above all, is patience. I don't think that I am a very patient person naturally. I am persistent - like, I can sit at a computer to try to tackle a huge project, but that is not the same as being patient. She has taught me to step back and just watch. Many of my friends dubbed me "Mama" even before I actually became a mom, but that's because of my tendency to be overbearing. With Sofia, I have learned to just watch her learn - just hang back and just protect from a little bit of a distance. These two areas are probably the most significant for me.

Gonzalo and I love her and love seeing who she is becoming. We are looking forward to seeing what she is going to be up to in this next year.


  1. Happy birthday to Sofia!
    Can't wait for our playdate later this week..
    Just sent Christine some fun photos from Ana and Joseph's wedding.

  2. This was so beautiful to read!!!

  3. I loved this post! You've managed to walk us through your year in a nutshell.


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