In Between

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We’re now on the other side of Christmas, and now we’re looking forward to New Year’s. For me, this transition is particularly significant. Tomorrow, I become a working mother. I won’t lie and pretend that I don’t have concerns about this new stage in life for me. I don’t have a great tolerance for stress. My work can be quite stressful because of the tight timelines and the creative output that I’ve got to achieve, balancing a lot of communication and tasks. When I wasn’t a mother, work could stay at work, and when I came home, we’d just enjoy our evenings together. But now, my work life and my home life are going to be hugely intertwined since I am going to be working AT HOME for two days a week.

While it is definitely going to be a life-change, and those can be quite stressful, I am looking forward to the change in my routine. It’s a great time to try to implement other things into my life (like, exercising regularly). So, even though life is about to pick up in pace ten-fold, I know that it’s a great opportunity to grow and challenge myself to juggle a lot more responsibility, hopefully, successfully.

For one thing, no more sleeping in. Here goes nothing...

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