First Day

Monday, December 29, 2008

My first day at work was nice.

I woke up at 6:30, ate my breakfast, worked out a bit (the first time in a long time in a long time), and then got Sofia’s stuff ready for hanging out with Gwa-Ma for the day. The girl is not an early riser (like the rest of the family) and so I had to wake her. 9:15 I got her up and had her breakfast ready. Unfortunately, when I’m in get-ready mode, I’m moving fast, and mostly don’t realize it. She drank her milk and then I fed her oatmeal. She was doing fine... I had the spoon ready and her mouth kept opening. 85% finished, she burps, looks up, opens her mouth and she barfs. Poor girl. I had huge flashbacks of my own mother shoveling food into my own mouth!

Got to work and got more of my office organized. My new computer didn’t arrive yet, so I could focus on getting stuff into place. I still have a long way to go, but right now it works.

Had lunch with my good friend Maria, and caught up in a short hour.

And when I got back from lunch, this was waiting for me:

It is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous. I put it in front of my cinema display of my to-be-passed-on G5-tower, I couldn’t believe that the screen was only a tiny bit smaller. I opened up Final Cut Pro and all the palettes fit in the screen so nicely. This is an amazing machine.

However, one thing is that it’s so heavy! I can’t believe how much my bag weighs. I guess it is a pretty big computer.

Okay, enough about my computer.

When I got to my parents’ house to see Sofia, she looked so good! She has been sick over the last few days, and so she hasn’t really been herself. Still happy, but a lot less energy. Sometimes she’d just sit there. If you know Sofia, you know she never sits still for very long. When I came in the door, she was so hyper. My baby was back. Takes a Grandma’s touch!

I am very happy about my first day. It feels good that I have an awesome tool in my hands, that I still have my friends at work, that I have great care for my baby and that with some discipline, I can balance all these areas in my life and not feel totally beat.

On to tomorrow!


  1. Welcome back to work Kathy! Sounds like it was GREAT day for you which is nice. I look forward to hearing more about your journey in the coming weeks/months! Blessings to you my friend =)

  2. happy new year kathy!! great to hear the transition to work has been smooth. all the best for 2009 and all it brings. and yes, your new computer is beautiful.

  3. KATHY'S BACK!! And you're back in full force with that massive MacBook! It's funny how you guys in the music room are now all living in your own little 'Mac' world :-)


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