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Sunday, November 30, 2008

palm and palapas

It's a week later - we came home from our Mexican holiday on Sunday, November 23 at 3:15pm. I have been trying to blog about the trip ever since. It's always busy when you come home from holidays - catching up on the stuff you missed for a whole week while you were off out of the country. However, even with the little spaces of time that I had to try to capture our holiday on this digital paper, I didn't know how to tackle it all. So, I probably will have to do it in chunks... which means, good! I might actually post a little more regularly.

For now, I think that I'll just write about my family, on holidays.

It's insane about how difficult it is to get my family all together in one place. I think that I've written about this before. Our friends, the Lareaus, found this out when they came to visit us this past week. Our family would just drift into and out of their day as we hung out together... everyone just has too much going on. My father has a regular schedule, but my mother works many nights and every weekend. Both my sisters have part-time jobs as well as their art (Margaret works at a studio and Christine freelances for herself). I had to ask them all to block off this November 16 to 23 week, but be flexible about whether we leave Saturday, Sunday or Monday. It turns out that also became difficult. We a few fights about it (mostly me with my hubby), but finally we were able to find a solution around some scheduling conflicts and made the trip happen.

So, being the person that researched, organized and booked the trip I felt the pressure of hoping that I booked someplace that everyone was happy with. Sure, it's true that you can't please everyone, but with my family I really believed that I could. I booked the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya in Akumal, Mexico - five star! It's definitely more luxury than anyone of us has probably experienced personally. After a problem-free flight (aside from some annoying people who were obviously going to Cancun to party-out their brains for a week), and then a swift private transfer to the resort about an hour and half away, we arrived at around 10:00pm. We checked into our rooms, with bellboys taking our suitcases for us, I first had my sisters come into our room as we were settling in. The looks on their faces relieved me instantly. They were so excited. My parents were happy too. PHEW!!

The whole week, we pretty much just lazed around in chairs, working on our tans; in the pool cooling off and swimming up to the swim-up bar; at the beach snorkeling taking underwater photos; eating at the high-quality buffets, or ordering awesome dinners at the à la carte restaurants; it was just a great week relaxing as a family.

After the week was over, my mother said that it was the most relaxed that she has had in a long time. If you know my mother, she has a hard time just sitting still. If she's not at working, she's cleaning her house, and if she's not cleaning her house, she's cleaning mine. It's very bad. My father is not much different. He doesn't understand the purpose of a holiday. (What? Do nothing?) And if you were to send them on a holiday on their own, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves, so we know that if we want my parents to take a vacation, we have to go with them.

We had a lot of fun. It was a good chance to hang out with one another, reconnect and also get some rest. Life has obviously picked up in pace for all of us in the last year. I'm glad that we were able to make some time with one another a priority.

More later!


  1. You worked on your tans so you could go back to Canada where it is freezing so you can were 3 layers of covering it all up.
    Glad you had a great time. glad your home in one section.


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