Checking in

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Daine,

I am not in jail. I am glad that I am free to roam. Don't worry - no one will be asking you for bail money.


P.s. Hello internet - I have been working too much. Therefore I have been neglecting you. And if I wasn't working, I have been only using you to search high and low for the most fabulous (and reasonably priced) resort in the Riviera Maya for a whole family vacation. We have finally booked the vacation! Will have lots to report when we get back... which means now I feel the pressure of blogging about it and also posting a ridiculous amount of photographs (which I am also behind on).

But, right now, I have to return to work, but thought I'd just check in. Gotta churn out a fabulous PowerPoint to help support a pretty darn good message for a church this weekend. I hope to hang out with you soon, oh dear friend Internet.

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  1. well good thing i don't have to spot you bail money. Cause i ain't got no bail money. jeez i have been giving all mine to the chiropractor. He is bleeding me dry.
    the good with them there interanets is that we are all still here waiting on you and when you come back or loose interest in World of Warcraft (we know that is really what you are doing - nerd).

    meet foreheads with the baby and transfer her blessings and good tidings and great joy!


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