11 months

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

334 / Monday, November 10
This week, Sofia turned 11 months. She had been showing tons of signs of what her personality was going to be like, but this past month it really has just been shining through all the baby-ness. She is ridiculously fun to play with now, but also ridiculously tiring because she's getting into everything, much more opinionated about her likes, dislikes and wants.

What's going on?

  • Teeth. Sofia has sprouted her third tooth. Yeah, that's all she has got so far. I think that in this department she is behind. Oh well, that's fine with me. She's already chewed into one of her board books (it looks like we own a dog), and she bit my mother tonight.

  • Dancing. Sofia dances EVERY TIME music comes on. You should see her at the mall. You don't realize how much music is playing in every store until you walk Sofia through it. She's got both fists in the air while bopping up and down. She has also added a new move. Yeah, I'd get a headache too.

  • Copying. Just today she starting doing what many toddlers do: mimicking adults. She picked up the phone and started pretending that she was answering it. She's even got the put-the-phone-between-the-ear-and-the-shoulder move down. Gonzo and I really have to start shaping up. Oh gosh, did I use the word TODDLER?

  • Funny Face. Sofia has got a new funny face. Unfortunately, this is all I could capture on (digital) film. She just opens her mouth wide. Probably funnier in real life. And that she's my daughter. Okay, fine. Maybe it's not funny at all.

    335 / Tuesday, November 11

  • Talking up a storm. Sofia is starting to babble in a way that all her inflections sound like adult conversation. Except that none of the syllables make sense. Other than that of "bear".

  • "Pointing." Sofia has learned that if she points in a certain direction that it brings attention to it. So, if her Gwa-Kong is holding her, she may "point" to her "shrine" in the livingroom so she can view all the photos, Gwa-Kong will take her over there to it. The funny thing is that her "pointing" is her arm extended with hand pointing up. Matt has dubbed it, "Opera Hand". Yeah, go ahead and belt that note!

  • Cruising. Walking while using furniture for support is definitely full-force now. Hardly anything is safe now.

  • Her diet. I still feed her commercially prepared baby food, with some guilt. I feel like if I tried harder I could make her my own baby food, but I guess I work too much. But one thing that I hold on to for comfort is that I think that the reason why she pretty much eats anything is because I switch her food every day. If I made her my own baby food, she'd eat the same thing for days. Yeah, sure, I could make a whole array of baby food and freeze it, but I don't have that much room in my fridge, thank-you-very-much. Heehee...excuses. Anyway, she does eat as much fresh stuff that I can get into her: bananas, blueberries, raspberries, and ripe pear are the perfect texture. I started giving her steamed apple today and that was well-received as well. I have started giving her whole cow's milk, mixed into her afternoon dose of formula to get her used it when she turns one (TOO SOON!). When the meal can work for her (i.e., not having a spicy steak for dinner), I will set aside some of that for her to eat. She loves fish, especially. She feeds herself her bottle now, too.

    327 / Monday, November 3

  • Sleeping pattern. Definitely can't complain in this area. She'll sleep from 9:30pm, until 9:30 am, with a waking in there somewhere. Just take her to our bed, she falls back asleep until morning. Naps are usually one hour in the morning, and then two hours in the afternoon. But the afternoon one is getting wonky lately.

  • Separation Anxiety. Last couple of nights have been particularly bad. She usually goes down for nighttime sleep no problem. Give her the chupete and her teddy bear and away she goes. These last couple of nights she has just been literally screaming and sobbing. I left her for a nap this evening (because I couldn't get her to sleep any earlier) for perhaps 45 minutes, screeeeeeaming. I finally figured out it wasn't just a regular I-don't-feel-like-napping... She was heartbroken. She thought I disappeared off the face of the planet. (See separation anxiety here. The funny (but good) thing is that I can leave her at a sitter's, or in the nursery at church, and she's fine. Maybe that's coming to an end...

    It's crazy to think how far she has come. I often will sit and just watch her and think back to all the different things that she has learned and discovered and mastered: she can turn toward where a noise is coming from, she can eat solid foods!, can pick up tiny objects with her thumb and forefinger, she can sit up on her own, heck! she can hold her own head up!! It's crazy how they come into the world not knowing anything but crying and pooping and sometimes not even breastfeeding. It's a wonder how much they develop despite the fact they are pre-loaded with not very much.

    God has been so good to us with giving us Sofia. She is seriously an amazing source of joy in our lives.

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      You're a great mom Kathy! Seriously. And, although Sofia IS your daughter, I feel compelled by her adorability to reframe her relational context and mention that she's an aMAZing niece.


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