Why I love Facebook

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yesterday, I happened to see one of my husband's cousin's profile appear in my news feed, so I decided to go check it out. And then I saw that my parents-in-law had Facebook (I was like, WHAT?!). But THEN... I saw that family that I had met in Sweden ALSO had Facebook. Back two years ago, Gonz and I went to visit our friend Tom in Germany and decided, let's just hop over to Sweden to visit Gonz's family that I had never met. We had a great four-ish days and I have missed them ever since.

This morning, I was on Facebook and found Solange - who I probably warmed up to the best while we were getting to know that side of the family. And she messaged me! We had a nice chat for a while... Now, I feel a little bit caught up with the family, seeing pictures and what not. The kids are so big now!

Technology. It's so cool.

my new family


  1. Facebook is cool, and definitely keeps you connected to people all over the world. I too love facebook. By the way, you look great in that picture, then again you always look great!


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