The week ahead

Monday, October 06, 2008

I have an incredibly crazy week ahead of me. Well, at least I think it's gonna be crazy. My sister-in-law is getting married this week, on Friday, and I'm in the bridal party (as well as my hubby), so it's truckin' it to Oshawa four times total by the time the week is out. Maybe that's the part that is feeling crazy to me. I do have a few things that I have whip up for the print-side of the wedding, but it's just text layout - no big stress. I made the list of to-dos and hope to just plow through them in record time. You should have seen me fly today!

While it IS going to be busy, don't get me wrong, it's gonna be a great week. I love weddings because, I guess, I love marriage. We wait a long time (no matter how long you have to wait, it always feels long) for the right one, and when they come along, it is not to be taken for granted. And marriage is that to me: not taking love for granted. It's deciding to commit to it, to treasure it, to work on it, to celebrate it and make it REAL.

Sofia update:
I have finally figured out how to make Sofia sleep although she likes to pull herself up and stand in her crib over and over again: giving her a bath before putting her to bed. I guess it helps settle her down. It's definitely not because it's a routine item - I usually bathe her during the day.

Sofia is now for-real crawling. You should see her take off! She is definitely enjoying the mobility, although maybe not the increased occurrences of bumps to the head.

The home is a disaster, and it always is when we're busy. And now it's ten times worse now that I have a baby. Well - tomorrow is another day and I'll try to keep all things under control. I'll TRY.

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  1. I loved what you said about marriage.
    So great.

    I definitely have your wrong cell phone #...was in the area yesterday and thinking of dropping off the book. Will try to do it some time next week and will just use your home number, since I'm pretty sure that one is right :)


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