Ten months

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

303 / Friday, October 10

The months seem to be speeding by now. Perhaps it's because we threw a wedding in there too. And now that we're looking forward to Christmas (with a one-week get away in between), it's pretty much 2009 tomorrow. But here we are, Sofia is now ten months old (October 10).

What is she up to now?

  • Crawling. Funny, after I had written that she was crawling last month, she regressed back to her military crawling, or floor swimming. A nurse friend of ours said it was probably because she was sick. Takes a lot more energy to support her weight on her hands and knees although it seems to be way worse having to pull your weight against the friction of carpet. Imagine that. Anyway, she's full on crawling now and, well, getting into everything.

  • Standing. She is fully able to pull herself up to standing using objects. She does "cruise" (that is, walk sideways using objects for stability) once in a while.

  • Speaking. I am pretty sure her first word is "bear". She says "mama", "baba", but they don't mean anything. When I hold up her bear, she says, "bear". When Tia Ana's bunny runs by, she says "bear". When Uncle Chico runs by (my in-laws' dog), she says "bear". Okay, so while it applies to every kind of animal right now, her first word is still "bear".

  • Following commands. This is quite exciting. She learned to close, open and clap her hands the other month. Now, she is able to wave bye-bye. And, I just taught her, back on Saturday, to put her hands on her head when I say, "Oh no!" This one makes me laugh a lot.

  • Frequency of, and Amount at, Mealtimes. When Sofia started to really crawl and stand a lot I noticed that she started looking like she was thinning out. However, I couldn't get her to eat more at mealtimes. At that time I was feeding her breakfast (4 oz. milk, 4 tbsp. of cereal), lunch (4 oz. milk, 4 tbsp. of solids), snack (6 oz. of milk), dinner (4 oz. milk, 4 tbsp of solids), and then a 8 oz. milk before going to bed. I thought that was tons, but actually I hadn't increased her food intake for maybe a couple of months. I decided to drop her before-bedtime bottle, and try to up her mealtimes by adding a fruit dish or something. Now, I've upped her milk at mealtimes to 6 oz. and then 4 tbsp. of bananas and raspberries, for example. And here returns her baby chubbiness.

  • Affection. Sofia wasn't known for being very affectionate. From super-early on, if you tried to kiss Sofia, she'd turn the other way, or even lean way back in order to try to escape your advances. Now, she'll head-butt you. No, she isn't fighting back, that's actually her accepting your kisses. And actually, after not really being with me all day at the wedding back on Friday, when I picked her up from my parents (after her first sleepover at her grandparents'), she wrapped her arms around my neck and then gave me a super-wet kiss on the lips. Yup, my girl missed me!

  • Increased expression. I guess in addition to showing affection, she now shows ridiculous amounts of excitement. Kicking of the legs, clenching of the fists, bouncing up and down, clapping of the hands, and even sometimes shaking. Crazy.

  • Teeth. She has been growing teeth like crazy. She's got two bottom ones now, and she has cut her two top front teeth. They're big ones. Hopefully they aren't buck. :-)

    It's mind blowing to think that she is going to be one year in a couple of months. And once I start working again, I know I'm just going to wonder where my life has disappeared to; which means it's important for me to cherish each day all the more.


    1. I love reading these updates.
      and i love how you know exactly how much she eats, that is awsome. Karina Goes back to work Nov. 1 and is not looking forward to it i dont think. She has said several times here lately that she could be a stay at home mom. to which i try to fairly respond, "ok but your cost of life would drastically have to be altered." she rolls her eyes and speeds away at 13.4 miles per gallon in the big SUV that is the size of a house.
      Praise Jesus and hire that nanny! We got shopping to do!

    2. Joey is a head butt kisser too! He used to actually kiss people when you say "kiss" (and does it SOMETIMES now) but most of the time it's a head butt to take the kiss from someone else and not give them anymore. :)


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