Taken For Granted

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gonz, Sofia and I went to vote back on Tuesday. We were behind a man who was arguing with the poll workers because he didn't bring any I.D. NONE. Like, don't most people just automatically have their wallets with them? Anyway, the poll workers were doing the best to accommodate him but I was thinking to myself, don't you take this seriously and try to do it right? Obviously not.

Well, at least he showed up.

I was shocked to read in the paper today that this past election marked the lowest turnout in history. Only 59.1% of Canadians voted this year. I am super-disappointed. What is it? We don't care? We don't feel like it'll make a difference? We're too busy...?

I just think of all the other countries who don't have democracy and have citizens literally dying for it, and we can't take the 10 minutes to go out to our polling station and have our say. It doesn't even mean that you have to vote for anyone... To my parents' horror, Gonz and I went spoiled our ballots (with smiley faces, or hearts, or something) one year because we didn't believe in any of the representatives. But that's important. It's important to practice democracy, otherwise we're in effect saying that we don't care about democracy and that's just awful.

Sure, democracy isn't perfect, but I sure wouldn't want the alternatives. What is great about democracy is what kind of society it says that we are: that we are here to live together, and create a life together. Even with all our disagreements. I think that it's all of our opinions together that help make a country greater, in the sense that we allow all of our thoughts and ideas to be displayed together and challenge each other to think more, and broaden our world views.

But I guess that's what we care about less and less: our communities - on a small and larger scale. We live unto ourselves. We think less and less how our lives all hang together. We are interested in our own interests.

We also don't like to be challenged, whether Canadian or not. It's tiring to be challenged and to engaged yourself in current issues that are affecting your country. Hey, I know. Which is going to demand my attention more: how my tax dollar is being used, or the fact that I have to go and get a new carseat for my baby? It takes effort, no doubt, to be involved in your country's wellbeing - whether that just be in the sense where you are actually involved in politics, or just simply voting, but we shouldn't be too lazy to do it. Because it's just too important.

You can see more facts about the turnout of our elections here: "Election 2008 records lowest voter turnout in history."


  1. Wow. That's a HORRIBLE turnout. I didn't know it was that low.
    Me, Stephen and my Mom made a walk out of it with Joey. It was fun. I think Joey wanted to vote too...

  2. I awoke the day after the election to the radio saying that only 59% went out to vote. I was so disappointed!
    So fun to spend time with your family at Ana and Joseph's wedding. Christine and I are arranging a Sofia date for the fall! LOVE HER!

  3. did ya'll vote some one young and sexy in like Obama!


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