Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I have been offline lately. No, that doesn't mean that I have been on my computer less. I have been on my computer A LOT doing work (Missions Convention is coming up where we'll raise something like $185,000 in three weekends). My sister-in-law is getting married next weekend so we're busy with stuff for that. And also, believe it or not, searching for the best deals on the nicest all-inclusive resort I can find for my whole family to get away for a week. I know, I know, our family isn't the all-inclusive resort type, but now that we have Sofia, it's just the easiest thing that we can do to relax and have a nice time all together. Trying to drag a, then, 11-month old baby around sightseeing and super-shopping isn't a nice thing to do to her.

But yes, offline to Facebook, my blog (as you may have noticed), Twitter is doing alright since it's just one line, Flickr is being updated sporadically, but I am answering my emails, at least.

I hope to get back into blogging regular 'cause I really do enjoy it and like connecting with all you people via the comments you leave. So, look out for some posts - I hope to have something to report a little more regularly.

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