Monday, October 13, 2008

Bride + Groom and Flowergirls

All done! My crazy week is finished, Ana and Joseph are off enjoying their honeymoon, and I can go back to regular, old routine. I enjoy breaks in my routine, but I also enjoy getting back into routine - although my routine is usually less than routine. I am of the artsy-type, I guess, after all.

The wedding was so beautiful. The reception was so fun. The weather was so perfect. I don't think Ana and Joseph could have asked for anything more. Even the speeches weren't boring - I was pretty good for the first few, after that, I started losing it. I wish I had a more absorbent tissue, instead of my polyester table napkin. Nice to see some of the old friends that I know from Ana and Joseph's circle. I got to wear fake eyelashes (which also made me quite emotional). Sofia had a good time too, all day. Everytime I looked over at her, at the reception, she was eating something... for perhaps four hours? Goodness, she IS her mother's daughter. I'm getting off topic...

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  1. I got to wear fake eyelashes (which also made me quite emotional)

    Oh sister i am with you. every time i wear fake lashes i am bawling my head off. what is that? good lord i am tearing up just thinking about the MAC guy putting them on reassuring me that it is gonna be a-ok. i'm sorry i just get choked up.


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