Don't take me to jail

Friday, October 24, 2008

When I was a kid I used to be afraid of police officers. I used to think about, "How would I know if I broke the law, since I'm not a lawyer?" There are a lot of laws. Then I grew up a little and realized that the law, mostly, is common sense.

And then I grew up a little more and have found out that common sense isn't... yes... all that common.


  1. Teehee.
    This was cute.
    My family coins me as the one who has no common sense. Meh.
    Oh, and to make it worse, a few years ago we were eating at a "Chinese" restaurant and my fortune cookie message was "Common sense is the key to learning." They died laughing and I've never lived that down...

  2. Are you trying to tell us that you've unintentionally violated some obscure law?

    Don't worry about Sofia, I'll quit school and raise her to be the best damn ninja with an incredible singing voice that there ever was.

  3. doing something Jail worthy is quite frightening, especially if you have never been in jail and it was not bad enough really to warrant incarceration. I went 30 mph over the speed limit once and the cop threatened me with jail time. i thought he was joking and then when it was clear he was not i was ever so glad when he got another more interesting call on his radio.

  4. Friday, October 24, 2008
    Don't take me to jail -
    either you are busy or they came back and took you to jail.


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