Baby Scarf

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Here is my new project that I'm making for Sofia. Now that the weather is a lot cooler, it's time for a scarf. Margaret challenged me with making this stitch: purse and chevron lace stitch. I started it at something like 11:00 last night. I kept reading the pattern wrong, and also it calls for a "yarn over" at the end of the repeat, and so for the last repeat I didn't understand that I would still need to add a new stitch at the end. Therefore I was perplexed as to why my pattern kept decreasing. At about 2:30am I finally figured it out. :-|

But look! What a beautiful pattern!
Now, hopefully Sofia gets to wear this scarf this wintery season.

new project


  1. So pretty! I must get that book to you this week. It'll make you smile. I SHOULD be in the area this week sometime, so if I am, I'll give a call to make sure you're home and then run it up!

  2. Hi my dear,
    that is such a BEAUTIFUL pattern. the only pattern i know how to do is the purl and the regular one ;) haha and as for patterns..i don't even go there! haha

    i just started a blog..but i'm not sure how to use it..teach me? i don't know how to get a link going where i can tell ppl to see my blog. ;( i'm so challenged!!


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