Sign of what's to come?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

All I have to do quash this excitement is give her lessons for 10 years. But hilarious, no?


  1. Ah! (Bah.)

    She's so freaking cute! And talented? I sense something big in her future. (Did that sentence sound like the slip from a fortune cookie?) Perhaps a singer-songwriter with the occasional beatbox moment happening for comic relief.


  2. Oh man.
    I know this scene all too well. I could read music before words and then i rebelled. then i got my first real full size kit at 6. Let the rock and roll begin.

  3. I giggled through the whole thing. She is so adorable! Can you send her to live with me? Please?!

    PS Thank you for the prayers. Hubby is home now and doing so much better. Thanks!

  4. Hey Tara - glad to hear your husband is better. What a fright!!


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