She understands!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today marks the day that Sofia showed that she understood what we were saying!

I noticed this morning that Sofia started to clap. For a girl who loves clapping I really thought she'd pick up earlier than now. ANYWAY, that was exciting to me. Watching this girl develop is so fun! Later tonight my parents dropped by to see Sofia and were teaching her a Chinese rhyme that involves her closing and opening her hands, and clapping. My parents were excited because she seemed to be copying what they were doing, but then REALLY got excited when my dad would just say the words and she'd clap.

We started experimenting to see if it really was the words she understood or was she just in a clapping mood... We started telling her to do other stuff - no response. But then we'd say the phrase to clap and she'd do it.

It is actually very weird feeling to know that my baby, who started out as a babylump, soon we will be able to communicate! She will be able to actually TELL ME what it is that is bugging her and perhaps we can solve it more swiftly. She will be able to tell me if she's really enjoying my food, or not. Haha! The time is coming when she's going to tell me her ideas about how she think the world works. This is going to be REALLY fun.


  1. You're so cute. So refreshing to read the blog of an excited mother!

  2. Oh man.
    I cant wait.
    seriously i try not to look to far forward at life and wish it away but i am really looking forward to communicating with my little girl.
    thanks God for healthy little humans. and thanks too for the advice we will try anything.
    she is getting to this point where mom is kind of getting completely stressed by the time i get home fro my some times stressful day at the office.
    i want to kiss the girls and go out onto the balcony for a quiet time and feel like that is being selfish. UAAA. this is life i guess.
    Thanks again for all the advice. it is always welcome
    don't tell me to do anything that is crazy cause i wont know you are joking and I'll try to scare the hiccups out of her or something.


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