9 months

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sofia turned nine months old yesterday. This means I only have three months left of maternity leave. The cool thing is that I think that I'm ready to go back. Mentally, anyway. Emotionally is a different thing. The thought of not spending every moment with Sofia comes with a little bit of dread. At least I am fortunate to have my mother as the other caregiver. If I had to leave her at daycare with a lot of strangers, which I know many mothers have to, I would be a lot worse.

What is new?

Food. I hadn't been reading up on my "What to Expect in the First Year" book, following each month's development and where your child's stage should be at lately. (Note: don't worry, I just use it as a guideline. I don't get freaked out if she's not doing something yet. It's just good to be aware, right?) I was surprised to read that, at this point, I should be done with feeding Sofia baby purées. EXCUSE ME? Well... it's not like I haven't been feeding her chunks of banana, or hunks of fish off of my own meal, etc. I just haven't sat down and fed it to her for her own meals. So I made up my mind that now is the time for me to start cooking meals for Sofia. Here is my first ↓ - it was accepted by her okay, except that it is really dry compared to her usual food. The next time I fed it to her, I mixed some purée into it to act as a sauce. It was a lot better. A lot less gagging.


Teeth. Yup, plural. She's got two. She even lets me brush them (not trying toothpaste yet.)

Sleeping sans pacifier.
We have regressed HUGE in this area. I think that she's going through separation anxiety, so every time I leave her in her room by herself she starts crying. I try leaving her there for a while - sometimes up to ten minutes. She won't stop sobbing. I read today that during this time thumb sucking and pacifier use really goes up because it's the only way they can soothe themselves. *sigh* okay... I'll keep letting her use it. For now.

Games. Sofia continues to play games that revolve around simple patterns. Like, I lean forward and bump her forehead with my forehead, if I lean back and move forward again, she will bump her forehead on my forehead. Here's another example:

Being funny. She now knows when she is being funny. One weekend, my cousin and her fiancé came to visit and she looks at my cousin and makes this crazy face; chin tucked down resulting in a huge double chin. Well, we just all burst out laughing. For the next two weeks that was her trick. Other family members, friends, strangers... Crazy kid.


Finally! Just today, Gonz put Sofia down in our livingroom after dinner, and we were just chatting, catching up on each other's day. I hear a rustling of papers and see that Sofia is going through my daytimer. My colourless daytimer - what could possibly be so interesting about it? He said, "I didn't put her there. I put her down all the way over here." Yesterday we thought the same thing - we'd put her down somewhere only a few minutes find her a few feet somewhere else. So we decided to put her down again, and hid in our kitchen to spy on her. And voila...

It's a bit late now, but we have to work hard to childproof this home. I don't think that is going to be possible...


  1. She's been out of you as long as she's been in you pretty much!
    This was such a fun blog to read. Videos and pictures - love it!

  2. i love the funny face that is great.


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