100% Korean

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No, my baby is 50% Chilean, 6.25% Filipina, 43.75% Chinese. But the restaurant we decided to go to on Friday is called 100% Korean. It's this little family-owned joint that we enjoy when we want a Korean home-cooked meal. We had beef bone soup and stone pot bibimbop. I wasn't sure if Gonz would enjoy the soup since he tends not to enjoy super hot foods on warm days, but he was all over it. We've been trying harder to save money, but this place is also wonderfully inexpensive.

The only thing about Korean Restaurants is that they tend to give you way too many appetizers. And I feel obligated to eat as much of them as I can.

282 / Friday, September 19


  1. seriously you need to consider getting her in a GAP commercial and capitalizing on what a great job you guys did. She is so stinking cute.

  2. I love Sofia's face in this picture. It's too perfect. I don't know if Daine will ever see this comment that I'm making, but I've heard so much about Daine & how funny/cool he is, I wish he were my friend too. I'm the last Lim sister that is missing a friend-Daineless. *sigh*

  3. That IS a great face! Love it. And I also thoroughly love Korean appetizers. All of them. If you ever need help finishing them, just give me a call.

  4. That all looks so good. (And Sofia is so dang cute I can't take it.) I need to find a Korean restaurant. They're hard to come by around here. I've never had Korean food and feel like I am totally disrespecting 25% of my heritage because of it.


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