Socks. Finally done.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, so I realize that I rely heavily on momentum to get projects done. At work. At home. Here is a classic example: remember that cable knit sock that I started back in ...March....?! Well, I finally finished the other one yesterday. I lost steam in the middle of making the second one 'cause after I finished making the first one I was so excited that I was done, and then I thought, "Shoot...I have to do this all over again!" But at least I got through it!

The unfortunate thing: they are a *bit* small. I'm not surprised. :-(

completed project

Sign of what's to come?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

All I have to do quash this excitement is give her lessons for 10 years. But hilarious, no?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the glowing apple has appeared.

oh glowing apple

100% Korean

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No, my baby is 50% Chilean, 6.25% Filipina, 43.75% Chinese. But the restaurant we decided to go to on Friday is called 100% Korean. It's this little family-owned joint that we enjoy when we want a Korean home-cooked meal. We had beef bone soup and stone pot bibimbop. I wasn't sure if Gonz would enjoy the soup since he tends not to enjoy super hot foods on warm days, but he was all over it. We've been trying harder to save money, but this place is also wonderfully inexpensive.

The only thing about Korean Restaurants is that they tend to give you way too many appetizers. And I feel obligated to eat as much of them as I can.

282 / Friday, September 19


Stunning colour

It's interesting. Since we've had Sofia, it's like we revert to all the things that we enjoyed when we were children. When I was a kid, my parents would take my sisters and I to the park almost every weekend that was appropriate. Today, we took Sofia to the Scarborough Bluffs and even though we were only there for maybe an hour and a half, it was so relaxing and soul-building. My dad even reflected, "We used to go to the park almost every weekend - but when you get older, all you think about is working - and now with Sofia, we are starting all over again."

Babies are good for people, I think.

She understands!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today marks the day that Sofia showed that she understood what we were saying!

I noticed this morning that Sofia started to clap. For a girl who loves clapping I really thought she'd pick up earlier than now. ANYWAY, that was exciting to me. Watching this girl develop is so fun! Later tonight my parents dropped by to see Sofia and were teaching her a Chinese rhyme that involves her closing and opening her hands, and clapping. My parents were excited because she seemed to be copying what they were doing, but then REALLY got excited when my dad would just say the words and she'd clap.

We started experimenting to see if it really was the words she understood or was she just in a clapping mood... We started telling her to do other stuff - no response. But then we'd say the phrase to clap and she'd do it.

It is actually very weird feeling to know that my baby, who started out as a babylump, soon we will be able to communicate! She will be able to actually TELL ME what it is that is bugging her and perhaps we can solve it more swiftly. She will be able to tell me if she's really enjoying my food, or not. Haha! The time is coming when she's going to tell me her ideas about how she think the world works. This is going to be REALLY fun.

9 months

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sofia turned nine months old yesterday. This means I only have three months left of maternity leave. The cool thing is that I think that I'm ready to go back. Mentally, anyway. Emotionally is a different thing. The thought of not spending every moment with Sofia comes with a little bit of dread. At least I am fortunate to have my mother as the other caregiver. If I had to leave her at daycare with a lot of strangers, which I know many mothers have to, I would be a lot worse.

What is new?

Food. I hadn't been reading up on my "What to Expect in the First Year" book, following each month's development and where your child's stage should be at lately. (Note: don't worry, I just use it as a guideline. I don't get freaked out if she's not doing something yet. It's just good to be aware, right?) I was surprised to read that, at this point, I should be done with feeding Sofia baby purées. EXCUSE ME? Well... it's not like I haven't been feeding her chunks of banana, or hunks of fish off of my own meal, etc. I just haven't sat down and fed it to her for her own meals. So I made up my mind that now is the time for me to start cooking meals for Sofia. Here is my first ↓ - it was accepted by her okay, except that it is really dry compared to her usual food. The next time I fed it to her, I mixed some purée into it to act as a sauce. It was a lot better. A lot less gagging.


Teeth. Yup, plural. She's got two. She even lets me brush them (not trying toothpaste yet.)

Sleeping sans pacifier.
We have regressed HUGE in this area. I think that she's going through separation anxiety, so every time I leave her in her room by herself she starts crying. I try leaving her there for a while - sometimes up to ten minutes. She won't stop sobbing. I read today that during this time thumb sucking and pacifier use really goes up because it's the only way they can soothe themselves. *sigh* okay... I'll keep letting her use it. For now.

Games. Sofia continues to play games that revolve around simple patterns. Like, I lean forward and bump her forehead with my forehead, if I lean back and move forward again, she will bump her forehead on my forehead. Here's another example:

Being funny. She now knows when she is being funny. One weekend, my cousin and her fiancé came to visit and she looks at my cousin and makes this crazy face; chin tucked down resulting in a huge double chin. Well, we just all burst out laughing. For the next two weeks that was her trick. Other family members, friends, strangers... Crazy kid.


Finally! Just today, Gonz put Sofia down in our livingroom after dinner, and we were just chatting, catching up on each other's day. I hear a rustling of papers and see that Sofia is going through my daytimer. My colourless daytimer - what could possibly be so interesting about it? He said, "I didn't put her there. I put her down all the way over here." Yesterday we thought the same thing - we'd put her down somewhere only a few minutes find her a few feet somewhere else. So we decided to put her down again, and hid in our kitchen to spy on her. And voila...

It's a bit late now, but we have to work hard to childproof this home. I don't think that is going to be possible...

Checking in

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I swear, people, I will be back soon.

But here's a quick post:
Today my side celebrated Gonz's birthday (which is tomorrow) and I gave him my birthday present: FIFA 08 for Wii. He's been itching to get it since we got the Wii, pretty much. After dinner, we all went back to our place, and Matt and Gonz Wii'd it up until 11:47pm, all the while shooing the rest of the women away. You should have seen Gonz nearly kill me when I walked in front of the screen.

So. Basically when I decided to buy Gonz FIFA for his birthday - I also decided to give him time away from me as a present. Good idea? not sure.

See you all soon.