I am on an iWeb roll

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I decided to re-do Gonzo's brother-in-law's website in iWeb as a surprise. We'll see if he likes it or not.

His old one: http://www.matthewmiller.ca
His new one: http://web.me.com/kathyjimenez/Matthew_Miller/Welcome.html


  1. Nice piece of web design, Kathy!
    No surprise ... it looks great.

    By the way, I don't see Canada listed in your Olympic medal standings. Come on ... we're not THAT bad. ;)

    You should force the application to include Canada in there. We have 18 medals!! :-)

  2. Is that free? Do I have that on my Mac? That would be fun to play with :)

    And whenever I click on my name to go back to my blog, it sends me to the wrong place. Ha! Bad link. Well, not bad, just wrong. :)


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