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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am now only breastfeeding Sofia every other day or so - basically whenever I am in pain. But now that she is almost weaned, I have a new nightly ritual: boiling water, waiting 20 minutes for it to cool enough to fill five bottles with it, measuring the boiled water into different levels that she will take during the day, measuring out formula powder into each one, then shaking each bottle until all the powder is dissolved, and then refrigerating it, ready for feeding the next day.

This routine makes me think that I'm going to miss breastfeeding to a certain extent.

Bottles prepped


  1. wow that is a lot of works. i definitely don't miss the formula days but i know i'll be sometime in the future.
    A friend of mine does something that I thought made lots of sense and might do in the future. She makes a jug of formula each day. Not quite a huge juice jug but big enough to keep enough formula for the day and night. When it's time to bottle feed again she just pours out what she needs in to the bottle and heats it up in hot water.
    Just a suggestion.

  2. WOW! it kills me that I never even thought of that!

    I know why I didn't though... Because I started with just one bottle of formula. Then it was two. Then it was three... now that it's five, it definitely would be much better just to mix a huge jug of it, but it was more convenient to do bottles at the start.

    THANK YOU for the tip!


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