I am on an iWeb roll

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I decided to re-do Gonzo's brother-in-law's website in iWeb as a surprise. We'll see if he likes it or not.

His old one: http://www.matthewmiller.ca
His new one: http://web.me.com/kathyjimenez/Matthew_Miller/Welcome.html

3:38 A.M., oh dear

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sofia usually wakes me up at around 2 or 3am to get me to tuck her back in again. Sometimes she needs a diaper change. Anyway, this is beside the point. Usually, I get her settled in less than a minute, climb back into bed and out I am. Not tonight. I get back into bed only to be wide awake, with thoughts swirling to the soundtrack of WiiFit Basic Step, for over an hour.

I am just so excited, it's ridiculous. I just assembled a test site for Gonzo - not that we are necessarily going to use it, using iWeb. I can't believe how easy it is to use. I threw it all together in less than an hour, using one of their templates, of course. Apple has come up with some awesome software that makes it come together so easy. I am thinking why have I not tried to use this earlier?

Lately, whenever I do something creative too late at night I have a hard time sleeping. This could be because I used to do something creative 40 hours a week. Now it's down to something like 8... Never realized how much it could affect me!

Anyway, here is what is keeping me up: GRJ.

Struggling with Sleep

Friday, August 15, 2008

I think that my weakest area of self-control is sleeping. AND waking. When I am awake I do not want to sleep. And when I am sleeping I do not want to wake. I was bad before I became a mother. I was bad while I was becoming a mother. I am WORSE now that I am a mother.

The thing I hate the most about it is that it really impacts my productivity for that day. I can't check as many things off my list as I'd like to. And now that I'm a mother, there are things that I do HAVE to get done (i.e., stuff for work), but if I don't wake early and accomplish it while my baby is sleeping, that means I have to ignore her for significant parts of the day while she is awake. This is where the guilt lies.

Here's to tomorrow and trying again.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My friends, Apple will be opening a store at Fairview Mall coming Fall 2008.


Along the lines of getting fit, on Twitter today GreenLightJerky twittered about his workout, and said to check it out on Gyminee. Looks pretty cool. It is for
"Workout and Food Tracking - Gyminee is the premier fitness social network for detailed tracking, online accountability, and motivation. Whether you are trying to lose weight or get fit, it's time to start taking your fitness seriously."

If it weren't so redundant to do so - since WiiFit has all this built in tracking - I'd sign up. As if my internet-life needs to be any bigger (read: like I need to waste anymore time here on this darn computer).

p.s. just went back to the website and looked at it more thoroughly... it's actually more awesome than I realized. There are workout programs that users establish, such as "Couch to 5K" a running program. There is an "Office Worker" program for those who... get this... WORK IN OFFICES! :-) One important factor in fitness success is accountability and this website has a social networking aspect to it that may help if you don't have a "gym buddy". Pretty cool idea.

Wii Fit

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today, after being diligent to check in many stores, month after month, we finally called Fairview Mall's EB Games just as the sales associate was opening their newest shipment of Wii Fits. Now, Sofia has the perfect companion to her Wii Console. Just look at how excited she is!

245 / Tuesday, August 12

But no lid must be okay...

244 / Monday, August 11, 2008

8 months

Sunday, August 10, 2008

243 / Sunday, August 10

My baby is eight months today. Can that really be right? I only have four more months until this baby is one. That is nothing! It's ALLLLLLLL true: they grow fast, and you thought life moved fast when you got married? It's worse when you have kids. I haven't a clue where the time has gone.

What Sofia is up to now:

  • Crawling She is starting to show a little bit of interest in crawling. She only moves in a circle - but at least it's a fast circle.

  • Tooth! Her first tooth has finally made its appearance! The left front tooth. It's about a half millimetre above the gumline.

  • Food This girl will seriously eat most anything. Among the strangest stuff: a hand full of cilantro, some green onions... And she gets VERY jealous if you're eating, and she is not. Just like her momma!

  • Sitting She is pretty much expert at this now. However, still occasionally falling backwards with a heavy thud.

  • Sleeping with pacifier When I started giving Sofia a pacifier to calm her if she was hungry and food was not able to be conveniently (and modestly) dispensed, I was worried about the day that she would become dependent on it to soothe her. And then I got dependent on it when the day came when I realized its miraculous powers to aid her to sleep on her own. I did not have to rock or pat or assist in any way. I kept asking myself will she EVER sleep without it. For the past three days, I have been able to get to sleep on her own at least for a nap or one night time sleep without it. I may be able to get rid of it completely very, very soon!

  • Weaning As I mentioned before, we are down to a feed every couple of days. I almost thought this day would never arrive - but it definitely arrived sooner than I thought. She drinks about 30 fl. oz. of formula a day. Two times four tablespoons of solids. Some cut up fruit at least once a day. Some arrowroot cookies as treats after one meal or sometime in the afternoon. I let her feed herself these to help develop a sense of independence, and to help tune her fine motor skills.

  • Walking Sofia has been bearing weight on her legs well for months now, and when I lead her to try to get her to walk, she doesn't really get the idea of putting one foot in front of another. However, the night that she met five of her boy cousins all at once, you should have seen how fast she ran towards me (assisted of course). Hasn't happened again since.

  • Health I have been soooooo grateful in this area. Sofia has NEVER been sick even once since she was born (you definitely cannot include her fake "cough"). We thank God in our prayers for her health every day. Several times a day.

  • UP! She will raise her hands up to ask you to pick her up.

  • Differentiation between people Gonz and I have been finding this the most interesting development that has happened lately. Sofia acts different with different people. For instance, as soon as she sees my dad she knows that he will pick her up, so up goes those hands - but she never does that with me. She only puts her hands up when I make the motion that I am going to pick her up. It's cool to see her making connections that way.

  • Smarty pant stuff A few times in the past month I'll sit with Sofia until she finishes all four tablespoons of her solids. I know that she isn't eating them only because she is distracted by other people around (or something) not because she isn't hungry. A few times it took me 45 minutes! Anyhow, sometimes she'll be super frustrated and she'll start crying. Well, when she is crying, her mouth is open. I take this opportunity to shovel some more food into her mouth. She smartened up. Now, if is ever that frustrated (not so much now), she cries with her mouth shut. Poor thing. Also, she'll tuck her bottom lip under her top lip so that I can't pry it open with the spoon.I know sometimes I should just give up 'cause she's likely just not hungry - it's hard though. You don't know about the nearly three decades of Chinese food-training: eating everything on your plate until it's gone, and you must pass this down through the generations.

    It's a rewarding time. More and more laughing, more mobility, more things that just amaze me everyday. All that hard work at the start of parenthood is feeling more natural, and there is less mystery to her needs in general. She is getting so big now that I marvel that she came from my body.

    I highly recommend parenthood.

  • Formula is mathematical

    I am now only breastfeeding Sofia every other day or so - basically whenever I am in pain. But now that she is almost weaned, I have a new nightly ritual: boiling water, waiting 20 minutes for it to cool enough to fill five bottles with it, measuring the boiled water into different levels that she will take during the day, measuring out formula powder into each one, then shaking each bottle until all the powder is dissolved, and then refrigerating it, ready for feeding the next day.

    This routine makes me think that I'm going to miss breastfeeding to a certain extent.

    Bottles prepped

    Beijing Boring?

    (Xinhua/Yang Lei)

    (Cameron Spencer/Getty)

    Okay, I've been scouring the internet to see if anyone else felt that the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics was boring. I'm not saying that 15,000 performers is anything less than impressive, with all that precision in timing, organization and movement, but performance after performance after performance with the exact same goal - Hey World, look what we can do with 2008 people! - does get a little dull. What about some dramatic dynamics?

    But the fireworks and architecture is nothing less than awesome!