Monday, July 21, 2008

The bug I nearly stepped on

Sometimes things in life can be so frustrating - but it's then that I have to stop myself and think about all the wonderful things in life that are not. Otherwise, my mind can whirl so much that I get a huge knot in my stomach.

Anyway ... Sofia and I hung out with my dad today. My dad is head-over-heels in love with Sofia. So, I got him to feed Sofia her dinner tonight: 3 oz of formula followed by delicious pureed beef with vegetable mixed with rice cereal. He did good (but it's not like my baby is hard to feed these days - I feel like I could feed her anything!) Later, when my mom came home from work, we went back over to their place to have dinner and my dad played with her all night. He tells me, "Sometimes I think that I want to retire and just take care of Sofia all day." This is coming from the man who said he'd never retire and he already hardly takes a holiday as it is.

Sofia is so spoiled to have her four grandparents so close to her. For most of my life I only had one grandparent around (my father's mother), and the ocean separated us. Sofia's furthest grandparents live a half hour away. It's a richness that I never got to enjoy and I'm so happy that she has it. I used to think that one day I'll live far, far away from my parents and be adventurous like them; picking up and leaving the country they were born in. Now that I have started growing my family, I want to be as close to them as long as I can.

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  1. awh that is so nice. my mom is always saying she wants me to move home. Karina's mom has eluded to moving to TX from CA, neither will see my baby except for once a year at this point. i hope they get to know each other. i love my grandparents, and living close to them.


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