Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some internet-y updates:

Just added my twitter updates to feed to my blog. [See there on the right]. When I joined Twitter a few months ago, I really didn't see a point in it. Now that I've added it to my blog, I suddenly feel a little more excited about it. But really, it's just another internet time-waster. Hooray. Oh, and the fact that Simone added me made me look at taking twitter seriously again. Still, I only have five followers, and six that I am following. Probably will be more exciting when I have updates to actually read.

I have also updated the blogs I read. I only listed the ones that are updated more regularly, but I do read a whole pile of them. It's quite ridiculous. But, I must admit I love blogs. I guess it's the whole different perspectives on life that I enjoy, and since I type better than I talk, I like reading better than...listening...? (Now that I've typed that, it looks bad. I DO like listening to you, I just don't comprehend always, I guess...? Ugh. I dunno. Now I'm arguing with myself.)


  1. shoot i wrote a bunch of stuff and then it disapeared! now that you've linked to my blog, my traffic will go through the roof! before that happens, you should change it to pxpaulx not paulxpx though :) oh by the way, Sofia laughing is so cute we can't wait to meet her!

  2. hey paul - thanks for the correction, i have made the adjustment! yes, you should update! (that sucks about the lost posts). i'm looking forward to sofia meeting you too. :-)

  3. I'm with you on the blog thing, I'm such a blog reader...and finally back to writing! I took like a month and a half off writing for some reason, but kept a faithful reader. Back to both now.

  4. twitter. i forget about it.


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