Bleeding together

Monday, July 07, 2008

Over the last week, the pace has picked up. Picked up A LOT. Suddenly I'm designing a heck of a lot - my sister-in-law's wedding invitation, my cousin's two video slideshows, weekly message PowerPoint presentations, now work has added an additional task: the weekly bulletin...

THE COOL THING: Sofia sleeps ALL NIGHT until 8am now. I'm not sure if this is still a bit fluky, but so far so good. Couple of nights she has done this now. Solids have been going super well. A couple of days ago, I shared with her a mango I was eating. She was eying it the whole time so I decided to let her taste it. Unfortunately she bit off a huge chunk and I had to dive into her mouth to get it before she choked on it. Today, I let her gnaw on some plum and she even managed to take some bites off of it and managed okay. I realize I have to be careful that she doesn't get too big of a piece, but I do like that she's getting some experience of some new textures - not just everything pureed.

I think that I'll be busy until next week. Everything going on is good... but I am having to get used to being busy and thinking a little faster. It's funny how my mind has slipped into a completely different mode over the last few months. It has been good for me though. I can be a little bit high-strung, but Sofia has taught me to just relax a whole lot more and just take a lot more things in stride. Now, to transfer these lessons back into the working part of my life - and to strike some balance. Balance is such an art.


  1. I thought you got a full year off. And your already letting Sophia have some do it her self real food. That sets my mind at ease. We had some friends over this weekend and the baby is the same age as Sophia, born in like December 23 i think and you can just tell his cat wants your food so bad and he only gets like official baby food. i was like do you ever give him like bananas smashed up? the mom said i have never seen just straight banana baby food? She obviously was not getting that i was suggesting an Actual banana. I just dropped it.

  2. Hey Kathy! I've had several PPT shifts recently (doing sermons), and I was wondering who was creating those awesome sermon presentations. :-)

    Hope all is well.


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