A bag of joy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yesterday, I was napping with Sofia before Gonzo was going to be home and then we'd have to rush off to Oshawa (especially since I couldn't sleep due to overwhelming excitement the night before until 3:30am), and he tapped me on the shoulder waking me with great shock (I get this from my mother). He proceeded to tell me about what he scored that day:

  • The Dark Knight soundtrack
  • The Wall-E soundtrack
  • X-Files Season 1 DVD
  • X-Files Season 2 DVD
  • "Where the Light Is" John Mayer live in Los Angeles

    What happened was his friend Charles from work, on his day off, arrived at work and told Gonzo about how his friend's store was closing down and was selling everything off: $10 for whatever you could fit in their tiny bag. So Gonzo and Charles loaded a couple of clients into the company van and headed out for a little excursion. Gonzo filled his bag to bursting-point and came home with those goodies.

    Yay for deals!
    Boo to stores closing down though...


    1. thats amazing! where is it?

    2. sweet - why so serious. lord that freaks me out.


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