Another long night...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My cousin and her fiancé asked me to prepare a photo slideshow for their wedding. I informed them I will be making them a video slideshow. Their wedding is this weekend. Of course, as usual, I started it later than I should have. That's the only way I can be sure it'll be good - if it's birthed out of crisis. But yes, this means strings of long nights working, especially since I feel like I can concentrate only during the times when my baby is sleeping in a long stretch. Good thing she sleeps until 8 now.

Last night was particularly bad because my motion graphics program that I use to create titling was crashing - over and over and over again. Every time I'd try to change a typeface it would crash. I thought to myself, this is a serious problem. Well, after about an hour of trying to fix it, it turned out just to be some corrupted preferences. On a mac, all you have to do is delete the preferences for that program, and open the program again. The program will regenerate that file and everything should be happy again. Fortunately, for me it was that easy. The only thing was, by that time, it was already 1am.

Tonight was good - I got a lot more done, especially since I nailed down the titling concept that I wanted to use. All I had to do today, then, was just change the type for it, over and over again. I LOOOOOVE titling. Makes everything look extra special. I will upload a portion of the video after this weekend. It's only fair that the bride and groom get to see it first. :-)

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  1. -- GASP!!! --

    A MAC program crashing???

    Noooooo...impossible :-)


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