7 months

Saturday, July 12, 2008

200 / Saturday, June 28

I'm a little late with the monthly update, but here goes. My baby is now seven months old. I have been a mother a whole seven months! I have recently started to work a little more at my "official" work, and some other side stuff has come my way (don't worry Canadian government - it's unpaid!) - wedding invitations, wedding slideshows, VBS promo, etc. I feel very guilty working while Sofia plays by herself on the floor. Makes me work even faster than I thought possible.

So, what is up with Sofia now?

  • Sofia actually prefers solids rather than milk now. Sometimes it's frustrating to try to breastfeed her 'cause she'll actually push me away and try to sit up. Which results in the next one...

  • I am weaning Sofia. I figured it was time. I didn't want her to get dehydrated - especially over these summer months. And if I can monitor her fluid intake through seeing how much she drinks from the bottle so be it.

  • Sofia can sit on her own now. She's getting better at it all the time. I think sometimes it's motivated by the unfortunate bumps to the head when she falls over.

  • She bounces like crazy when she is held standing. Everyone tells me I should get a Jolly Jumper, but if I did, she'd just hit her head on the door posts... since that would be the only place I could actually hang one in our place.

  • She's very vocal now. Even though she was before, sometimes she'd still be kinda quiet over the whole day. Not anymore.

  • She started eating her foot today. Don't ask me why but I've been looking forward to it since she was born.

  • Often she can put the pacifier in her mouth by herself if it has dropped out of her mouth.

  • She's eating other textures other than puree - lumpy mashed banana and slices of plum that she takes chunks out of by herself (don't worry people - I am very careful)

  • Hey Dave - we dunked Sofia in the water, at our pool, back on Monday. The first time she went down she came back up unaffected. The second time - a bit of coughing and displays of displeasure.

  • Sofia's poo is now more "adult-like". Sorry for the "too-much-information", but this is exciting to me because now there is a lot less risk for the Sofia Favourite "Poo Up the Back"

  • Sofia sleeps until 7 or 8am now. Which means for some reason Mom goes to bed later. Why can't I just go to bed the same time and reap the benefits? I am still tired!

  • Sofia has fallen off high places. Up until now, we've been pretty good, but now she's getting so mobile. (However, this doesn't mean that she crawls yet. Just a heck of a lot of rolling around.) The first one was off our bed early in the morning. I bring her into our bed after our earliest morning feeding, and she usually wakes up before I do. She'll kick me int he face sometimes and talk to herself to pass the time until I wake, but this time she woke me with crying. I woke up and was like, "WHERE DID SHE GO?" I jumped up and crawled to the opposite side of the bed and sure enough she was there on the ground crying. I scooped her up and checked to see if she had broken anything. She was just scared. Fortunately, Gonz had used our body pillow and had left it beside the bed. She hit that first before the ground so she was fine. The second time she fell off a high place was our couch. Today. Gonzo doesn't know yet. You are privileged my dear internet reader.

    I am sure there are few more things I could report here, but she's just growing up so fast I can't keep track of it all. And also, I should go to sleep. It's 1:30!

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    1. I found out she fell of the bed before Gonzo na na na na na na :) She is SO adorable in that pic.


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