Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In March, when I was having so much trouble breastfeeding Sofia, Gonz and I decided it was best to take Sofia off the breast and feed her by bottle. That was hard. However, I think that I failed to report that I was able to get Sofia back to breastfeeding about a month after that, I think. I have been breastfeeding Sofia exclusively for just over a month. I am so happy that I have been able to do that.

However, over the last week or so, Sofia has been ridiculously distracted that if any sound happens while she is drinking (like Gonzo coughs, or the phone rings, or someone talks) she will stop and won't start again. This has coincided with me starting her on solids incidentally. Maybe she's done? Maybe she is simply not hungry?

After reading, "What to Expect the First Year" regarding weaning, a reason for starting is the distracted baby: losing interest in nursing. I think that might describe Sofia. It's like she drinks until she is not hungry anymore and then would rather play with her feet, or more hilariously - talking.

Last time I had to give it up, I described it as being heartbroken. It's not that bad this time as I don't feel forced to do it, but I do have mixed feelings. I am glad that I will have my chest back, and gaining some measure of convenience - but, again, I am losing that unique bonding time with my daughter. Again, I have to focus on what is best for her, and I think that this might be it. I'm happy that I have been able to breast feed her for this long as some mothers have trouble doing it for even a few weeks. So, for that I am grateful.

Ok. Next chapter.


  1. Yeah.. like save some for the next 8 kids eh?

  2. 8?!
    i want a big family, but that's just craaaaaaaazy.

  3. oh man, kathy I so remember those mixed feelings. I nursed mykah longer than I nursed the other two (7months) and I still felt like that wasn't long enough. But just keep remember the plus side of it and be thankful that you're weaning her now and not after she's developed a tooth and has decided to take a chunk out of your nipple. Yup, the reason why Mykah was put on the bottle at 7 months.

  4. take a bite out of... oh jesus help her really?


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