Friday, June 06, 2008

Today is going to be a wicked hot one. It's only morning and it's 28°C outside. Today, with humidity is going to feel like 41°C! I guess most people hate this part of summer, but I LOVE IT. Maybe it's because I'm originally from Asia. Well, not me personally, but whatever...

Going to the mall with Theresa and her baby Renee. She just called me up this morning and asked if I had any plans. I love this kind of spontaneity. It's rare in these parts. Adult life. These days, spontaneity is your baby pooing all over herself 5 minutes before you've gotta go to church. The only thing I don't like about spontaneity is knowing that you've been caught with your house a mess.

I need to get out more.

Last night, Gonz and I were at a loss about what to do with ourselves last night. A free evening and I didn't want to rent a movie, go to the mall... It's hard to think of something original when your baby needs to stick to somewhat of a routine. Then the most original thing hit me, VISIT CHRISTINE AT HER PLACE. Silly me. That idea is always staring me in the face and I always forget that it's an option. So, at around 7 we zipped down to her place and just lay around, had tea, practiced giving Sofia the rice cereal which is at least 20 minutes of entertainment. She was being quite charming last night so it was fine that she was up an hour past her bedtime. Crazy to think that DL is in bed at the same time as Sofia!

So, my baby is getting FAT. Only three days of consistent solids - where more is in her mouth than on her bib - and you can see it all packing in her face and thunder thighs. Poor thing, she is probably supposed to be this chubby, but she wasn't gaining enough when I got sick with the mastitis. Well, I think that she's all caught up now.

And now that I've caught you all up with the crazy things going on in my brain, I think that I shall exit now.


  1. .. and what an exit!

  2. The basement is my 2nd bedroom during the summer! The only reason I dislike humidity is that I can't sleep in it.

  3. Hooray for chubby babies.
    there was one next to me on the plane the other day who was like regular size then her little legs looked like she had elephantiasis they were so chubby. Her mommy was like she eats everything she can get her hands on. it was so cute until she changed a shit diaper right there in the seat i was like oh for real now. that was bad bad bad. then the mom acted all pissed at the flight attendant who came with a trash bag for here and held the bag out so the mom cold drop the diaper in and the mom was trying to hand the diaper to the attendant. You know a alee-oop instead of a slam dunk. the attendant had her head turned away as to keep from smelling as much as possible. the the topping when the attendant said going forward you might use the lavatory. this black lady wearing a fancy hat about three rows away said "mmm humm ah-man to that sister." I was just embarrassed for the little baby?


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