Friday, June 20, 2008

Uh-oh, can't sleep. I've been lying in bed for all of a half hour and well, if you know the Lims, this is just wrong. SO. Blog I shall.

Tonight, old family friends came over. These are sisters that I have known since I was a wee one. My parents used to help them out when they first came to Canada and worked as nannies. They had no where to stay over the weekend so they came and crashed with us. The elder sister pierced my sisters' ears. Tonight, she pierced my baby's!

Sofia did pretty well. She was more angry about me holding her still (holding her arm down and putting her in a headlock). When it was all over, it was like nothing happened. Gonzo made an appointment with his grant-writer tonight on purpose so that he could miss the whole thing. What a softie!

Yeah, I know it's just earrings but I think that it's really made me excited. Too excited to sleep. I guess I'm excited that she's growing so much, that she's doing well and crazy... she's getting dedicated on Sunday. On top of all of this, I'm working on weaning her, and feeding her new solids. She's not loving formula yet. It's a heck of a lot thicker than breastmilk so she has to work harder at getting it out of the bottle. I think I have to buy a new nipple for it so that it flows faster. And boy, did it ever make her gassy yesterday. Her tummy bloated out so big. Even though she took more today she definitely was a lot better. Everything new takes adjusting.

Oh yeah, I forgot to report that she also went swimming for the first time back on Sunday. It's crazy... she wasn't even all that excited. I guess I had prepped her too much in the bathtub with running water over her face all the time. Also, I think it would have helped if I had given her a nap before the experience. She was too tired to take it in.

Sofia's first swim from Kathy Jimenez on Vimeo.

This six month old is getting a ton of experiences in. I hope her head doesn't explode.


  1. i just cant get over how sweet Sofia is. Kind of like a little angel/human hybrid.

  2. Way cool!!
    It's so weird when I saw you all the other Sunday I was going to ask when/if you were going to pierce her ears... and then I forgot. She's a stoic one, "more angry" than anything else :)


  3. Can't wait for her first tattoo.

    She's so chill in the water! Man, I can't wait to go swimming with her. Call me, anytime! I can pass all my wisdom to you for free!

    Love, love, love.


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