Monday, June 23, 2008

Today, I lost my digital camera. I was devastated. Of course I was upset that I lost something that wasn't exactly cheap, but at least two years now and probably took 6,000 photos. Maybe more? (Especially since you can factor in that I have had an offspring). But what is worse is that I had some pretty significant photos on there that I had not yet downloaded them. I had labeled my camera with my last name and phone number... I guess I hoped that someone honest would have picked it up. I guess not since I haven't received any phone calls.

THEN I was additionally upset because I was saving up for a DSLR. A really nice one. And as ridiculous as this sounds: I need a small one. If I get a DSLR, I will still need a small point-and-shoot - especially for the video capabilities. (Okay, as I type this, it is revealing how whacked out my perspective is. It's definitely not a staple of living. Anyhow... I will continue...). If I bought a point-and-shoot I wouldn't be able to justify buying a DSLR this year. I was disappointed.

But then I remembered that is why I have too many loyalty cards: with hope that I will get to redeem them someday. Without a pause, I redeemed my points for one of these:

A BROWN CAMERA! Wicked. It's just the more awesome version of my SD450. I am no longer upset. Although the photos are gone... that part lingers in my heart a bit. And the other crappy part is that I won't receive it for 3 to 4 weeks. Sofia 366 is gonna have to be hard to update. Really hard.


  1. Anonymous24/6/08 01:01

    I'm glad you had all those loyalty cards to redeem.

  2. Ok i have the SD550 and i love love love it and i was all worried that i lost it the other day because it was like 4 days and i could not find it and so i am B&H looking at that very Brown SD. man i love it. As if to cement your self as a member of the club-brown.

  3. eek so sad.
    i loved that little camera.
    sorry 20D is busted too.
    sucky all around.

  4. Anonymous24/6/08 22:46

    I'm so sorry...but the new camera is definitely cute (hope it eases the pain!) - Maria


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