Diet and Exercise. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some recent health news have caused Gonzo and I to really step up trying to be healthier. You know, the stuff that you always talk about, but say, "Tomorrow..."

We're reducing our sugar intake drastically. We looooove our sweets. Gonzo, especially his sweet drinks: pop, iced tea, juices. Watching our portions: actually observing serving sizes. Doing the three-meals-two-snacks habit. Eating lots of fresh stuff like fruit and vegetables.

We've worked in activity into our day. This morning we walked to two grocery stores. Because we want to be active together it requires us to take Sofia with us. Evening usually works best for us, but not for her since she is too tired and needs to be in bed. So, we play Wii. Believe it or not, my arms and back have been sore for 5 days. I suppose, eventually, when I am more fit, Wii will no longer be satisfactory replacement for REAL exercise. But at least it gets us going.

Gonzo has already dropped a pound since last week. Since Sofia was born he has dropped 20. But for the last couple of months, he's just maintained and couldn't lose anymore. So, whatever we're doing, it's working.

Thinking about these adjustments, which do get some getting used to, I am happy that we're making them habits now and so that Sofia will grow up with this being the norm. And on a more general scale, if we make all that is good for Sofia a habit in our lives, she starts on a much higher foundation. She won't have to figure out on her own what a good diet is. She won't have to MAKE herself exercise. She will just know that it feels good to move. And in other areas, if we are kind when others are mean, she will be kind. If we handle conflict well, so will she. She will already innately know all these things. Being a good example, I guess, is a cornerstone to good parenting.

The pressure, and the motivation, is on.


  1. Anonymous25/6/08 23:28

    this fits with a thought I started having today, it was about how children sometimes walk like their parents. This might be because of an environmental thing, maybe they go through similar training like their parents, or maybe because they copy their parent when they are young (sometimes without knowing it). The long and short of it is that kids learn from their parents. Ofttimes their parents aren't aware of the learning, so it's good that you're making these things a habit now.
    argh, thanks for sharing


  2. ha that is awesome. Diet and exercise are the thorn in my belly. but i know i need to.
    Josh my broseph in IA just completed a triathlon last Sunday. the training he went through helped him drop all the weight I need to loose. I have no desire to compete in a triathlon but maybe i need to huh? I need to loose 30 lbs and i need to be a better person for my baby girl for her when she gets here too but that is a WHOLE other deal. Good job on less 20 lbs though that is no easy feat.

  3. Have you purchased wii fit, or just getting your exercise on w/sports? i'm thinking about getting rockband since it just came out - that could be some mild exercise as well, if you, well, like to put on a performance in your living room!

    We joined the gym just down the street in march and it is great to get real exercise, i think my body had totally forgotten what it was like! i'm off about 15lbs so far. i couldn't lose anymore just w/diet changes so we joined the club (i'd already lost about 45 lbs since the start of 2007). once you start actually paying attention not only to what, but how much you eat eventually it actually sinks in, so keep with it! by the way, it has been forever! can't wait to see all 3 of you, hopefully in october!


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