Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sofia's introduction to her first vegetable.

Carrots from Kathy Jimenez on Vimeo.


  1. pretty good!!!!
    so cute - new food!

  2. do you lie to her like my mom did and tell me that carrots help you see in the dark. i ate carrots all the time and would wonder when my night vision super powers would happen. They NEVER did. The Beta carotene no doubt helped my eyes but, night vision? tat was a stretch.

  3. hey you know i showed the kids the Sofia video and they were like lets dance to that too! i wish i would have held the camera in the back they were doing her dance perfect. Ana is 8 and Colin 4. they are too funny.

  4. Bob Sagat12/7/08 17:46

    Too bad I'm not doing America's Funniest Home Videos anymore...


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