New arrival!

Friday, June 27, 2008

First video with new camera from Kathy Jimenez on Vimeo.

My camera I ordered came today. I ordered it back on Monday night. This is the fastest I have ever experienced shipping in Canada. ESPECIALLY from Air Miles. So excited! A free camera! Well, I guess the only way it could have been better was if a larger card came with the camera. As you can tell from the video...

Diet and Exercise. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some recent health news have caused Gonzo and I to really step up trying to be healthier. You know, the stuff that you always talk about, but say, "Tomorrow..."

We're reducing our sugar intake drastically. We looooove our sweets. Gonzo, especially his sweet drinks: pop, iced tea, juices. Watching our portions: actually observing serving sizes. Doing the three-meals-two-snacks habit. Eating lots of fresh stuff like fruit and vegetables.

We've worked in activity into our day. This morning we walked to two grocery stores. Because we want to be active together it requires us to take Sofia with us. Evening usually works best for us, but not for her since she is too tired and needs to be in bed. So, we play Wii. Believe it or not, my arms and back have been sore for 5 days. I suppose, eventually, when I am more fit, Wii will no longer be satisfactory replacement for REAL exercise. But at least it gets us going.

Gonzo has already dropped a pound since last week. Since Sofia was born he has dropped 20. But for the last couple of months, he's just maintained and couldn't lose anymore. So, whatever we're doing, it's working.

Thinking about these adjustments, which do get some getting used to, I am happy that we're making them habits now and so that Sofia will grow up with this being the norm. And on a more general scale, if we make all that is good for Sofia a habit in our lives, she starts on a much higher foundation. She won't have to figure out on her own what a good diet is. She won't have to MAKE herself exercise. She will just know that it feels good to move. And in other areas, if we are kind when others are mean, she will be kind. If we handle conflict well, so will she. She will already innately know all these things. Being a good example, I guess, is a cornerstone to good parenting.

The pressure, and the motivation, is on.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Today, I lost my digital camera. I was devastated. Of course I was upset that I lost something that wasn't exactly cheap, but at least two years now and probably took 6,000 photos. Maybe more? (Especially since you can factor in that I have had an offspring). But what is worse is that I had some pretty significant photos on there that I had not yet downloaded them. I had labeled my camera with my last name and phone number... I guess I hoped that someone honest would have picked it up. I guess not since I haven't received any phone calls.

THEN I was additionally upset because I was saving up for a DSLR. A really nice one. And as ridiculous as this sounds: I need a small one. If I get a DSLR, I will still need a small point-and-shoot - especially for the video capabilities. (Okay, as I type this, it is revealing how whacked out my perspective is. It's definitely not a staple of living. Anyhow... I will continue...). If I bought a point-and-shoot I wouldn't be able to justify buying a DSLR this year. I was disappointed.

But then I remembered that is why I have too many loyalty cards: with hope that I will get to redeem them someday. Without a pause, I redeemed my points for one of these:

A BROWN CAMERA! Wicked. It's just the more awesome version of my SD450. I am no longer upset. Although the photos are gone... that part lingers in my heart a bit. And the other crappy part is that I won't receive it for 3 to 4 weeks. Sofia 366 is gonna have to be hard to update. Really hard.

latin, not latino

Saturday, June 21, 2008

[kathy] should we walk?
[gonz] yes, and then your dad can drive us later. we've gotta seize the moments, you know - crapper diem!
[kathy] hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Uh-oh, can't sleep. I've been lying in bed for all of a half hour and well, if you know the Lims, this is just wrong. SO. Blog I shall.

Tonight, old family friends came over. These are sisters that I have known since I was a wee one. My parents used to help them out when they first came to Canada and worked as nannies. They had no where to stay over the weekend so they came and crashed with us. The elder sister pierced my sisters' ears. Tonight, she pierced my baby's!

Sofia did pretty well. She was more angry about me holding her still (holding her arm down and putting her in a headlock). When it was all over, it was like nothing happened. Gonzo made an appointment with his grant-writer tonight on purpose so that he could miss the whole thing. What a softie!

Yeah, I know it's just earrings but I think that it's really made me excited. Too excited to sleep. I guess I'm excited that she's growing so much, that she's doing well and crazy... she's getting dedicated on Sunday. On top of all of this, I'm working on weaning her, and feeding her new solids. She's not loving formula yet. It's a heck of a lot thicker than breastmilk so she has to work harder at getting it out of the bottle. I think I have to buy a new nipple for it so that it flows faster. And boy, did it ever make her gassy yesterday. Her tummy bloated out so big. Even though she took more today she definitely was a lot better. Everything new takes adjusting.

Oh yeah, I forgot to report that she also went swimming for the first time back on Sunday. It's crazy... she wasn't even all that excited. I guess I had prepped her too much in the bathtub with running water over her face all the time. Also, I think it would have helped if I had given her a nap before the experience. She was too tired to take it in.

Sofia's first swim from Kathy Jimenez on Vimeo.

This six month old is getting a ton of experiences in. I hope her head doesn't explode.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sofia's introduction to her first vegetable.

Carrots from Kathy Jimenez on Vimeo.

Feel like, no feel like

I was just thinking that so much of life is doing what you don't feel like doing and not doing what you do feel like doing. It can be the big things in life like getting a new job 'cause you know you should, like deciding on having a family even though you're scared, and like saying sorry when you know you were wrong. Or, it can totally be the tiny things in life like getting off your butt and getting a walk in every day, washing the dishes and not letting it pile up, and like getting up early because snoozing your alarm every fifteen minutes sure isn't giving you quality shut-eye anyway.

Although Paul is writing about the law and how it works in our sinful bodies, he is talking about the same thing:
For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.

So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me (Romans 7:19-21).

Jesus tells us what to do with it too:
Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak (Matthew 26:41).

It's easy to do what you feel like, but watch your relationships go down the drain and your ass gaining 30 pounds overnight. It requires putting away the emotions and leading with your head. The emotions will follow eventually. Anytime I have encountered the decision to do something or not to do something I have ALWAYS felt so rewarded to have made the decision against what I felt like doing. Like, why is that?! Why can't I ALWAYS feel like doing what I should instead of procrastinating?

Although today's "struggle" wasn't with a moral issue, I was sure glad that I decided to get what I needed to get done instead of staying in bed longer. I got up at 6:30, made my husband his lunch and then stayed up to get the six design things I needed to plow into. I was especially happy that I got the most pressing one done: VBS maildrop for King Street that is going to be dropped into 10,000 homes in a couple of weeks. Now that I've got that done I don't have it hanging over my head the whole weekend.

It really just comes down to discipline and the road is a life-long one. The encouraging thing is that the more you do that which you don't feel like doing the more you start feeling like doing it. (I really am starting to sound like Paul!). Eventually your emotions get better at obeying your brain in whatever area you're dealing with.

6 months

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today is my baby girl's six month birthday. Half a year ago she arrived after carrying her around everyday for 9 months. So much has happened in that time, and I've learned so much. It has really, really just flown by.

What is Sofia up to now?
  • Sofia is becoming more mobile now. She is rolling over from her front to her back easily now. On Friday she rolled over from her back to her front for the first time. When placed on her tummy she often turns in a slow circle. Yesterday she crawled forward a little.

  • She is making new noises. Before it was make a noise as loud as you can! Now, she's humming a lot - short ones, long ones, high ones, low ones. It actually sounds like she's experimenting with pitch.

  • Solids. She's taking her rice cereal in now like a good Chinese girl. This week I plan on introducing new foods - vegetables!

  • Standing up. When lying on her back, we pull her to sitting and then she positions her legs to allow us to continue pulling her up until she is standing. Her legs are stinkin' strong. But then again, I knew that from the womb.

  • She's getting cuddly. Sofia was never one to put her head down and rest on your chest or shoulder. She's doing that now. Mind you, she doesn't want to seem too needy. She'll only do it for something like 10 seconds.

  • She loves being chased. She'll laugh and laugh and laugh if someone is holding her to help her run away and someone else pretends to be a monster chasing her. Guaranteed laughter, or your money back.

  • Loves the sound of clapping and I guess rhythm. Watch her get all excited if a groovin' song comes on, or if you clap some brazilian beats, she's down for it. The more complicated the better. (Matt, this is where you come in.)

  • Teething is getting more intense. Sometimes she'll be in pain for two days in a row, on and off. Mouth clenched crying, sucking her bottom lip in, lots of drool, chewing on her hands, super irritable... Wonder when her first tooth'll come in.

  • Staying awake more. Unless she gets REALLY tired, you can stave off a nap and she will be pretty happy still. It's nice to not have to stick to a super-regimented nap schedule. Before, if she missed her afternoon nap, she'll let you know how unhappy she is with the loudest crying you've ever heard in your life.

  • Sleeping longer at night! Last night was a record: she went to sleep at 9:30pm, and woke up at 5:45am. I think that is definitely the longest stretch. One time she slept until 7am, but that was a fluke. She never did that again for months. Now that I'm getting more sleep at night I'm finding my body understanding how tired I really am. I think it's going to take a little bit to catch up.

    It's crazy how fast babies develop. All the things that they're learning and experiencing for the first time. It's really amazing how they possess all the cognitive abilities to eventually be fully developed as an adult - to communicate, to express, to understand, to process, to problem solve... More and more I am amazed that each of us used to be this small.

    These are happy days.

  • Summer!

    Friday, June 06, 2008

    Today is going to be a wicked hot one. It's only morning and it's 28°C outside. Today, with humidity is going to feel like 41°C! I guess most people hate this part of summer, but I LOVE IT. Maybe it's because I'm originally from Asia. Well, not me personally, but whatever...

    Going to the mall with Theresa and her baby Renee. She just called me up this morning and asked if I had any plans. I love this kind of spontaneity. It's rare in these parts. Adult life. These days, spontaneity is your baby pooing all over herself 5 minutes before you've gotta go to church. The only thing I don't like about spontaneity is knowing that you've been caught with your house a mess.

    I need to get out more.

    Last night, Gonz and I were at a loss about what to do with ourselves last night. A free evening and I didn't want to rent a movie, go to the mall... It's hard to think of something original when your baby needs to stick to somewhat of a routine. Then the most original thing hit me, VISIT CHRISTINE AT HER PLACE. Silly me. That idea is always staring me in the face and I always forget that it's an option. So, at around 7 we zipped down to her place and just lay around, had tea, practiced giving Sofia the rice cereal which is at least 20 minutes of entertainment. She was being quite charming last night so it was fine that she was up an hour past her bedtime. Crazy to think that DL is in bed at the same time as Sofia!

    So, my baby is getting FAT. Only three days of consistent solids - where more is in her mouth than on her bib - and you can see it all packing in her face and thunder thighs. Poor thing, she is probably supposed to be this chubby, but she wasn't gaining enough when I got sick with the mastitis. Well, I think that she's all caught up now.

    And now that I've caught you all up with the crazy things going on in my brain, I think that I shall exit now.


    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    In March, when I was having so much trouble breastfeeding Sofia, Gonz and I decided it was best to take Sofia off the breast and feed her by bottle. That was hard. However, I think that I failed to report that I was able to get Sofia back to breastfeeding about a month after that, I think. I have been breastfeeding Sofia exclusively for just over a month. I am so happy that I have been able to do that.

    However, over the last week or so, Sofia has been ridiculously distracted that if any sound happens while she is drinking (like Gonzo coughs, or the phone rings, or someone talks) she will stop and won't start again. This has coincided with me starting her on solids incidentally. Maybe she's done? Maybe she is simply not hungry?

    After reading, "What to Expect the First Year" regarding weaning, a reason for starting is the distracted baby: losing interest in nursing. I think that might describe Sofia. It's like she drinks until she is not hungry anymore and then would rather play with her feet, or more hilariously - talking.

    Last time I had to give it up, I described it as being heartbroken. It's not that bad this time as I don't feel forced to do it, but I do have mixed feelings. I am glad that I will have my chest back, and gaining some measure of convenience - but, again, I am losing that unique bonding time with my daughter. Again, I have to focus on what is best for her, and I think that this might be it. I'm happy that I have been able to breast feed her for this long as some mothers have trouble doing it for even a few weeks. So, for that I am grateful.

    Ok. Next chapter.


    Sunday, June 01, 2008

    I had such a great birthday (on the 30th). Gonz invited his family down to our place to join my side for dinner. The night before my dad and I were deliberating about what to have for dinner. We went from steaks (boooooooring) to burgers to grilled chicken breast burgers to stewed beef ribs. Food is such a big deal to us. It's weird. It's like if the "wrong" food was served that night, the night would just fall apart. Anyhow, we ended up with stewed beef ribs, sauteed mushrooms in olive oil, thyme and garlic, rosemary (from matt's garden) and garlic potatoes, greek salad and green bean salad (mi suegra brought that) and steamed rice (because we are CHINESE!), and a Dufflet Raspberry Charlotte cake for dessert. Everyone definitely had their fill. That's the other thing - we also feel that we have to overfeed.

    Having everyone together really meant so much to me. More and more, both sides of my family are feeling like one big family. Things like: watching my mother carry around Gonzo's sister's girl, listening to my sister gloat about being at a shoot for Richard Gere to my mother-in-law, my father-in-law asking my dad what he put in the stew... The night was chaotic with 12 people squashed in our tiny apartment, but it was amazing. And they were all there to celebrate my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

    (ok, fine, fine - Matt couldn't make it, and Margaret and Joseph didn't show until after dinner, Matt Miller was working... that is how it could have been better.)